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Aizlewoods Mill
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Sheffield South Yorkshire S3 8GG United Kingdom

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About us

Aeration & Mixing was established in 2012 to develop markets for Nikuni Co. products in European and Middle East market locations.  Nikuni Co., established in 1946, is a substantial Japanese manufacturer of high-quality gas-mixing pumps, hydrocyclones and other filtration equipment based in Kawasaki City.  Aeration & Mixing operates from a South Yorkshire base and supplies to a wide range of businesses in multiple sectors in many countries.   
Market sectors:
Aeration & Mixing’s Nikuni Co.’s KTM gas-mixing pumps serve the water treatment industry including both potable and waste water sectors, plus industries including the aeration of waste treatment plants, manufacturing, food, drinks, chemicals, minerals, pharmaceuticals, paper, defence, scientific, teaching and research establishments.
Nikuni Co.’s VDF media-free hydrocyclones are widely used in the manufacturing and machine tool sectors to separate metallic and other contaminates from coolants, and regularly find new applications in other industries to separate fine particles from fluids down to less than 5µm, often in just one pass. 
Products and technologies:
Nikuni Co.’s KTM gas-mixing pumps produce a fine bubble stream at an average diameter of ~25µm.  These pumps draw in their own air or a gas and shear it into fine bubbles and do not require compressors or blowers to function, a feature that saves substantial levels of electrical energy.   All Nikuni KTM pumps are offered with any of cast iron, stainless steel 304 or 316, Duplex or Titanium wetted parts to handle many combinations fluids and wastes.  Fluid capacities up to ~50m³/h are provided in a small foot-print with a variety of auxiliary equipment.  KTM pumps are available as standalone items or as complete turn-key packages with controls.  Applications are many and varied and Aeration & Mixing has in-depth experience of fine and ultra-fine bubble applications across many sectors.
Nikuni Co.’s VDF media-free hydrocyclones are heavy duty stainless steel units designed to deliver highly consistent performance over an extended working life.   The vortex created is sufficiently powerful to extract particles down to 5µm and smaller often in one pass.  Aeration & Mixing build complete media-free separation packages around the Nikuni VDF hydrocyclones.  The absence of any filter media means the costs of contaminated media disposal are completely eliminated along with the cost of new filter elements, which can result in useful operational savings.

Here at Aeration Mixing, we offer a unique range of Microbubble pumps and generators as well as hydrocyclone separators and filters.  We specialise in various aeration pumps that are a part of our Nikuni VDF and KTM ranges.  We distribute Fine Bubble, Nano Bubble and Micro Bubble generators to a vast array of industries and sectors, ensuring that each product is carefully designed to meet the requirements of the client.  We also offer various coolant filtration methods as well as CNC filtration and particle separation techniques.
Aeration & Mixing stocks and exports Nikuni Co. products widely along with its own in-house built package products from its base in South Yorkshire and provides comprehensive technical support.  Spares parts for Nikuni KTM pumps are stocked and demonstration units of both the Nikuni KTM pumps and Nikuni VDF hydrocyclones are available on request.

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