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This review is to counteract the previous review I submitted. The issues with the handles and vents have now been rectified.


Poor experience from start to finish. Keith was extremely unhelpful, he arrived to check windows with no prior appointment when I was at work, told us everything we couldn’t have but offered no solutions, I had to find alternative options online for a couple of the designs only to be told Alucare could provide them after all. Keith was so unhelpful I thought he was just being misogynistic but he was also extremely unhelpful with my husband too. Examples include telling us to ‘look on the Alucare brochure online’ and then when we did Keith said ‘what are you showing me this for…. I don’t know what’s in our brochure’! The windows were all ordered with chrome handles but arrived with white handles and missing some vents, these still haven’t been replaced and we’ve had to go to another supplier to actually get the handles we need. The windows don’t match my existing despite being told they would. The beading around the windows are square edged whilst my existing are curved, only after they were installed were we told that Alucare couldn’t do curved edges. Absolute shambles from start to finish. July they supplied the windows and we’ve still not got the faults (vents and handles) fixed in October. I wouldn’t mind if we’d changed our minds or made the ordering difficult but we hadn’t. I honestly don’t know how they stay in business. Horrific! Just avoid!