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apeTape Adhesive Tapes

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AVOID APETAPE LIKE THE PLAGUE!They operate under multiple names such as Indigo Industrial Supplies (indigo.co and indigoshop.co.uk), aligata.co.uk, magnetick.co.uk, apetape.co.uk, packright.co.uk, ripngrip.co.uk, and titantapes.com, but they all share the same office headquartered in Wickford, Essex, and they all share one telephone line and fax number as well.After making a purchase through their website, I was contacted by one of their representatives stating that their website carriage charge was incorrect, so they wanted me to authorize an *additional* £12.50 charge on less than £41 worth of lightweight and compact merchandise! When I refused this exorbitant additional charge, they said they would issue a refund, but did not. They ignored repeated emails and even said to us on the telephone that the refund was already processed and would appear on our statement in a few days...It NEVER did. Thankfully we had paid through Paypal, which was able to recover the funds 11 days after we filed a report.Potential customers, steer clear of these people at all costs!