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AVA Packaging Solutions Ltd

  • 0189 (Display number) 01895 590 095
7 Union Buildings
Wallingford Road
Middlesex UB8 2FR United Kingdom

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About us

AVA packaging solutions develop cost effective and innovative packaging solutions at their independent centre of excellence that has extensive experience of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) packaging.

Specialising within the consumer packaged goods industry AVA delivers effective sourcing, cost reductions and strategies with the key focus areas of:

•    Development and project management
•    Innovation & design
•    Speed to market
•    Team & process optimisation
•    Effective cost reduction
•    Interim management

Bridging the gap between commercial, technical and creative, AVA provides packaging solutions to retailers, packers, suppliers and design agencies and is adept at working with all players within the supply chain drawing upon many years’ blue chip packaging development expertise.

Managing Director Alison Vincent is a qualified professional with an MBA, BSc Honours as well as being a Fellow of the Institute of Packaging.  Her hands-on approach as a strategic senior manager has given AVA experience across food & non-food categories within manufacturing & retail environments.

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AVA Packaging Solutions Ltd

Alison has been the best thing that could have happened to the packaging department at Findus. She has brought well needed confidence back in everyone and has provided inspiration to us all. Alison has a very unique style of management which is visionary. We have benefitted so much from having a positive and knowledgeable role model. No task is too menial and the time she takes to talk and listen and makes us all feel supported. She is a team player and a great, unassuming mentor. I feel privileged to have worked with Alison and I have learnt so much. I am sorry I couldn't have worked with her for longer because I feel there is so much I could have learned. I hope we can keep in touch.


AVA Packaging Solutions Ltd

Alison came into our department at an extremely difficult time. Morale was at an all time low and theteam were all feeling isolated and under pressure. It is no exaggeration to say that in the short timeAlison has been with us, she has totally turned around this department. Alison is an outstandingindividual who is always extremely professional whilst still having a caring manner that instantly makespeople feel comfortable around her. Her knowledge of the packaging industry is extensive and she willgo out of her way to make time to share some of that knowledge with others. I think I speak foreveryone when I say that we will feel a great loss when Alison leaves the team. However, she will havegiven us all the tools we need to be a confident, focussed and altogether more knowledgeable andimproved department


AVA Packaging Solutions Ltd

When Alison joined our department it would be fair to say it was in a state of chaos and disrepair, staff turnover was high and senior staff had either been sacked or left of their own accord, this left members of the team without support on major projects, a blame culture had taken hold and morale was at anall time low.Alison quickly took hold of the department and completely changed the way people worked, she re structured the department so that no members of the team felt unsupported making the best use of the various skill levels in the department, within a very small amount of time the difference was clear, the morale and performance of the team improved tremendously with major projects being delivered skilfully and to plan. This was no small feat and could not have been done without the support and guidance from Alison. She has encouraged people to believe in themselves again, and has brought out the very best in the team, in fact it really feels like a team now, one in which the members are happy to support each other, and share each others’ knowledge and experience, which is the complete opposite of how it feltbefore. Alison is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of packaging and packaging development, she is an extremely skilled manager and brings out the best in those around her, I have really enjoyed working for Alison she is the best manager I have ever worked for, she is so encouraging and supportive while constantly challenging you to be the best you can be. She really does care and she takes time to listento you. I really feel privileged for the time spent working for her.For me it has been literally life changing seeing that there is a better way, and feeling proud of my work again and looking around and seeing how she has changed my workmates as well – it’s nothing less than amazing. While it will be sad to see her go, she will be leaving behind a strong department, one that has changed for the better, a department that has been equipped with the best tools and skills for the job. Although she will have gone her mark will remain and her influence and support will continue to be felt. We will not forget her – it’s been a real pleasure, thanks Alison!


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