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Avon Garden Machinery

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SCAM ALERT: Don't buy from Avon Garden Machinery / Mower SupermarketDon't buy from this company, it's a scam.Took my money instantly from my credit card, sent me an email notification that the product has been shipped with a tracking number for parcel force. When I eventually contacted parcel force to find out why the status hasn't changed from "advised", they told me they haven't received the product for delivery and I need to speak to the merchant (or rather, scammer).I have tried to call Avon Garden Machinery / Mower Supermarket twice a day since and left a message once a day. The phone hasn't been answered and they haven't called me back.I sent an email daily asking for an update as to when to expect delivery and haven't received a reply.Because they refuse to speak to you, you will be left having to go through a chargeback process with your bank/credit card to get your money back.Companies like this are the modern day highwaymen. How they are allowed to continue operating is remarkable. People are in prison for less...