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I received fantastic service and I feel very lucky to have received such a beautiful wig. It has boosted my confidence levels in such a stressful time.


I recently found out I was going to lose my hair. One of the ladies in the hospital mentioned a place in Banbury that does wigs so I rang Banbury Postiche to book an appointment. I explained over the phone that I didn’t know how everything worked and didn’t know where to start. The lady I spoke to on the phone explained everything to me and reassured me I had nothing to worry about ‘like a visit to hairdressers’ she said. And she was so right! As soon as I went in the room with Kerry I felt as comfortable as I would in a hairdressing salon. I described my hair style to the lady I booked the appointment with, and when I came in for my appointment Kerry said she had some wigs put aside for me. Kerry recommended that one and said it really suited me. I just wanted to thank everyone at Banbury Postiche for the great experience and for bringing confidence back into my life!


Having suddenly developed total alopecia, I went to Banbury Postiche. Although they were superficially friendly, I found them totally lacking in any understanding of my situation and extremely unprofessional. Other clients were disussed in my presence which I thought appalling, and it made me think my circumstances would be gossiped about in the presence of others. I also had to listen to staff informing me how awful it is for MEN to loose their hair, which I thought, in the circumstances, very insensitive - I know many bald men and there is absolutely no comparison. Clearly they are a commercial business interested only making money. They have no understanding of clients needs except, I think, if the clients are having chemotherapy, when they are more interested in being helpful. I found the quality of their "medical" wigs to be poor - I have been fortunate in finding good quality synthetic wigs elsewhere, but I would have thought Banbury Postiche would have had decent quality ones available.