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Cheeky Monkey Tree Houses

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Hi, we have had a very bad experience with this company. Mark from Cheeky Monkey Treehouses came to our house in late October. We had a very different original brief when he first arrived, but he discussed a conventional treehouse with us, and seemed to know what he was talking about. This is not actually what we wanted, but we were willing to entertain his ideas. The last that we left it was that he would email us some ideas, and that we would proceed to a detailed drawing if he came up with a rough concept that we liked.However, two weeks later, we were a little surprised to receive a very finished final drawing. This was nothing like what we had discussed, and was one of their very typical hexagonal treehouses although I had said that we despised this form and design. I was a little surprised as we were expecting emailed sketches and a phonecall, but dismissed the company as not right for us and thought nothing more of it.Last week, we received a £300 invoice for that drawing. We declined to pay as we had not requested the drawing. They also do not have any evidence we requested the drawing (because we didn't request it). This is the email we received...Hi,As I did not insist on you signing any prior agreement I cannot pursue a claim against you unfortunately, but I will insist you return the property of Cheeky Monkey Treehouses with a written statement suggesting you are not going to use our design material for future use, unless the design payment is made in full. If you do not wish to purchase the design work you requested then the parcel should be returned by recorded delivery to the address below. If you would rather not pay the pennies required for postage then I will personally call in to collect saving you the effort and expense. Please advise which you would prefer.MarkI think the email speaks for itself. There are a lot of other companies out there doing treehouses. Why choose a company like this?