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The staff are nice enough, but their service is by far the worst I have ever experienced. They regularly take 2 weeks to ship orders. They often don't even know if they have something in stock. They call you back about 3 times out of 10. They constantly claim to be busy with the warehouse and have a backlog of orders, even when it has been 2 weeks since the order was placed. Customer service is simply not a priority for this company. They seem to have a hideously inefficient structure, making for an extremely slow and frustrating experience. Their website is outdated and many product pages are broken and list the wrong price etc. I ordered a bandsaw blade, which arrived broken. Now they have taken 10 working days and the replacement has still not been shipped. I am self employed and I rely on my machine tools to earn a living, and by dealing with Chester UK I am damaging my business. Highly disappointed with them.