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  • 0800 (Display number) 08000 665552
Brunel House
9 Penrod Way
Morecambe Lancs LA3 2UZ United Kingdom

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About us

Specialising primarily in the design and distribution of integrated hygiene solutions for commercial properties, Cannon Hygiene offer an extensive range of washroom products that have been utilised across a wide variety of businesses and organisations.  Since establishment in 1955, our company has recognised the importance of providing high quality hygiene solutions that are built to last.  We have over 60 years’ experience in supplying reliable and efficient systems that are often used within the healthcare sector.

Based in Lancashire, our company offers a friendly, professional and locally provided service, which has been praised and highly recommended by our customers for a number of years.  The Cannon Hygiene brand is currently being represented in over 40 countries across the globe, which has led to a significant boost in reputation.  We believe that the key to success in any business is to invest in our customers as well as the latest design and manufacturing technologies.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide innovative solutions that are guaranteed to achieve results.

Here at Cannon Hygiene, we offer a wide range of products and services that provide excellent efficiency and functionality.  Some of these include;

Washroom & Hygiene Care – The Imagine Range, Air Care, Facilities Management, Feminine Hygiene, Flushing & Sanitising, Hand Drying, Infant Care, Soap & Sanitising, Urinal Care, Vending.

Mats & Floorcare – Entrance Mats, Image Mats, Heavy Duty Scrapers, Floorcare Consumables, Anti Fatigue Matting.

Clinical, Medical & Dental – Clinical Waste, Dental Mould Recycling, Dental Waste, Offensive Waste, Pharmaceutical Waste, Sharps, Injuries, Spills & CODE Kits.

Water Energy Savings – Calculations, Energy Savings, Intelligent Water Management, Intelligent Water Solutions.
Our main goal as a company is to deliver outstanding quality washroom services to our loyal customer base, putting the needs of the client first and allowing for a productive and professional approach to all projects both large and small.  We have worked with thousands of customers across the globe, investing greatly in the latest science and technology innovations which has inevitably led to hygiene products and solutions that meet industry standards accordingly.  We listen to our customers and ensure that their expectations are exceeded every time.

We at Cannon Hygiene have multiple facilities spread throughout the UK, offering various servicing and maintenance solutions for our customers.  Some of these areas include Ashford, Birmingham, Morecambe, Inverness, Belfast, Leicester, Park Royal, Barking, Exeter, Kings Lynn, Worsley, Blantyre, Leeds, Newcastle, Dunfermline, Mitcham, Cardiff, St Helens, Winchester and many more.  We as a company are more than happy to discuss potential projects with customers in extensive details, ensuring that they receive exactly what they have asked for.

Articles/Press Releases

  • 12/02/2015 - Bless You! Why It’s Good to Sneeze
    Washroom and Hygiene We’ve all been caught out by an unexpected sneeze but at this time of the year, being prepared for coughs and sneezes is more than polite etiquette, it’s also vital for good hygiene.
  • 12/02/2015 - The Top Germ Hot-Spots That Could Affect Your Health
    Washroom and Hygiene Germs are all around us (and on us!) and on every surface you can imagine. There are some obvious culprits, such as toilets, door handles and rubbish bins that can all harbour infectious viruses and bacteria. However, there are also many common and every-day surfaces that can be a haven for these illness-inducing bugs and germs. Recent research has found that the popular germ hotspots include money, can-openers, kitchen cloths, office keyboards and - perhaps surprisingly -
  • 10/06/2009 - Cannon launch compact feminine hygiene waste disposal unit
    The latest anti-bacterial technologies are used both inside and outside of the discreet and slim Cannon Compact, designed to fit the smallest areas of a cubicle.

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Citron Hygiene UK Ltd

We have been using their pest control division in the southwest (devon) for some time. There technician is fantastic, knowledgable and gets the job done. Always friendly, communicates with us and is extremely proactive so thank you for a fantastic service.


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