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Clear Glass Curtains Ltd T/A SunSeeker Doors

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We purchased our 6.3 Mts Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors from Sunseeker Doors some ten years ago plus.Sunseeker Doors at that time where probably the fist UK company to design, manufacture and install Aluminium Bi-Fold doors, we proceeded with some trepidation as these Door systems were a new concept at the time!Our experience has been very positive, as Sunseeker's approach was very professional,helpful and clean. We recommend this company without hesitation!!!We had one call out during this period and understand that as long as you carry out the minimum maintenance required and operate the doors correctly as required by the manufacturers.RgsRobert


I have recommended this company to several friends. We had their doors fitted on an extension and had no major issues. There is some sticking in suddenly extremely hot temperatures otherwise the doors slide like a dream. I was very surprised to see such a scathing review because the service we received was timely and polite. The doors were installed on the agreed day and look great.


Terrible product, terrible service. I bought two extremely expensive slim window doors 3 meters wide each. The doors cannot me moved. When I moved they scratch the plastic railing and it creates steps in the railing that cannot be overcome. The doors are extremely difficult to open because the system does not work. The customer service is the worst in England, delay after delay. I have never seen a worse more expensive product in the whole UK. A total rip off with the worst customer service, delivery service and installation service. Total amateurs, a bubble, worst product in the UK. To be clearly avoided