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Condair Plc (new name for JS Humidifiers)

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About us

Condair is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial humidification and evaporative cooling products and systems, setting standards with regard to energy efficiency and hygienic solutions. We export to over 50 countries throughout the world. Our important own product brands are: Condair, Nortec, Defensor, Draabe and ML System.

Condair is represented in the UK by Condair plc, which offers humidifier system advice, design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance and spares from its base in Littlehampton, West Sussex. The company supports Condair sales activities in the UK, Ireland, Oceania, South East Asia and Central and Southern Africa.

From its production facility in West Sussex, Condair plc manufactures the JetSpray compressed air and water spray humidifier, the Condair ME in-duct evaporative humidifier and cooler, and the PureFlo Reverse Osmosis water filter, all of which are distributed throughout the global Condair Group sales network.

Condair plc is the new name for JS Humidifiers, following the company becoming a member of the Condair Group in 2011 and rebranding to Condair plc in October 2014

Articles/Press Releases

  • 12/11/2019 - Condair configure - New humidifier selection tool
    Condair is launching a web-based humidifier selection tool, which enables AHU customers to design a humidification system from within the AHU company’s own in-house AHU design software.
  • 27/06/2019 - Dry air is flu's best friend
    A recently published scientific study1 by Yale University has shown that breathing air with a low humidity reduces our immune system’s capability to fight off flu infections.
  • 24/04/2019 - Condair expands dehumidifier range
    Humidity control specialist, Condair, has extended its dehumidifier range to include more desiccant models, wall and ceiling-mounted systems, units that control temperature as well as humidity, and swimming pool units.
  • 22/03/2019 - Condiar achieved workplace wellbeing charter
    Condair plc has been accredited by the Workplace Wellbeing Charter, the national accreditation standard that recognises an organisation’s commitment to improving the lives of those who work there.
  • 07/02/2019 - Condair at Data Centre World 2019
    Condair is appearing at the forthcoming Data Centre World exhibition on stand D921, at the Excel Centre in London from 12th to 13th March. The company will be displaying the latest in adiabatic and steam humidifier technology, which provides in-duct evaporative cooling and humidification to data centres.
  • 23/01/2019 - Tony Fleming appointed Condiar's new head of sales cluster northern europe
    Humidification specialist, Condair, has appointed Tony Fleming as the Head of Sales Cluster Northern Europe. Tony takes on responsibility for the operations of Condair’s two sales and manufacturing facilities based in the UK and Denmark, as well as the Condair sales offices in Ireland and Sweden.
  • 11/01/2019 - Condair Humidifiers at the National Army Museum
    Condair has recently supplied and installed three Condair RS resistive steam humidifiers to maintain the humidity around the exhibits and archives at the National Army Museum in Chelsea, London.
  • 20/12/2018 - New outdoor steam humidifiers from Condair
    Leading humidification specialist, Condair, has extended its range of electric steam humidifiers to include new IP55 rated models suitable for outdoor installation.
  • 11/10/2018 - New dehumidifier sales manager at Condair
    Condair has appointed Julien Taschot as Business Development Manager for its range of industrial and commercial dehumidifiers.
  • 23/08/2018 - New humidification CPD seminar for FMS
    Condair plc is offering a new CIBSE-approved seminar on humidification for facility managers.
  • 07/02/2018 - Condiar at Data Centre World 2018
    Condair is appearing at the forthcoming Data Centre World exhibition on stand D1060, at the Excel Centre in London from 21st to 22nd March.
  • 24/01/2018 - Condair launches "Humidity Fights Flu" campaign
    Humidification specialist, Condair, is launching a “Humidity Fights Flu” campaign to promote awareness that an indoor humidity level of 40-60%RH is very beneficial in combating airborne influenza infections.
  • 16/01/2018 - New Condair Ro for better humidity Control
    Condair is launching the Condair RO-A reverse osmosis water filter, specifically designed for use with humidification systems.
  • 04/08/2017 - Condair jetspray humidifies at Fujifilm
    A Condair JetSpray humidification system is maintaining an ideal 40-60%RH (relative humidity) at the Fujifilm Imaging and Innovation Centre in Bedford.
  • 03/07/2017 - Condair opens new Hamburg factory
    Global humidifier specialist, the Condair Group, has recently opened its newly built production, logistics and sales facility in Hamburg, Germany, marking a milestone in the company’s development.
  • 14/06/2017 - Condair service team expansion
    Condair plc, formerly JS Humidifiers, has expanded its service engineering department with the appointment of Colin Turnbull as Installation Manager and Shaun Canham as a new Service Engi-neer, specifically covering the North.
  • 22/05/2017 - New Dehumidifier range from Condair
    Condair, the world’s leading humidification specialist, is expanding its product portfolio with a range of advanced commercial and industrial dehumidifiers.
  • 24/02/2017 - New close control adiabatic humidifier
    The new Condair DL in-duct adiabatic humidifier offers the accurate humidity control normally only available from steam humidifiers, but with the low energy performance and evaporative cooling benefit of a cold water system. It also incorporates many anti-microbial features that make it one of the most hygienic humidifiers available.
  • 12/01/2017 - Evaporative cooling app from Condair
    Condair, formerly JS Humidifiers, has developed a new app that accurately determines how much energy could be saved by using in-duct exhaust air evaporative cooling and a heat recovery system, rather than just traditional compressor driven cooling.
  • 13/04/2016 - Condair humidifies drupa halls
    Print humidification specialist, Condair, is creating Europe’s largest temporary humidification system at Drupa 2016 to maintain the optimum humidity in both the Heidelberg hall 1 and the Hewlett Packard hall 17.
  • 01/02/2016 - New Condair Electrode Steam Humidifier
    Condair is launching a newly developed electrode boiler steam humidifier that has longer lasting steam cylinders to reduce humidification maintenance requirements and operating costs.
  • 17/12/2015 - Humidity matters at Jersey air traffic control
    Jersey Air Traffic Control has recently installed four Condair steam humidifiers at its centre in Jersey Airport, which is responsible for the coordination of air traffic in the busy skies above the Channel Islands.
  • 12/08/2015 - Condair Humidifies Polestar Sheffield
    A Condair ML Solo high pressure humidification system has been installed in the litho platemaking area at Polestar print company’s award-winning plant in Sheffield.
  • 19/05/2015 - New Condair RS Steam Humidifier
    Condair, formerly JS Humidifiers, is launching a new resistive steam humidifier, the Condair RS. It has a patented scale management system that allows easy removal of limescale, resulting in reduced maintenance and extended operational periods between major services. It also incorporates the latest touch screen control technology, has BMS connectivity as standard and offers very close humidity control at ±1%RH with RO water.
  • 06/05/2015 - Wellcome Trust Condair HP Humidifier
    Condair, formerly JS Humidifiers, has recently supplied and installed three Condair HP high pressure spray humidification systems at Wellcome Trust’s headquarters in London’s Euston Road. The humidifiers are maintaining the humidity in the building’s atrium for the health, comfort and well-being of staff and visitors.
  • 05/03/2015 - Humidification on Ice
    The British Antarctic Survey has recently fitted two Condair MK5 steam humidifiers into the sleeping modules of its new Halley VI research station, located on the Brunt Ice Shelf, Antarctica. The extreme Antarctic environment is very dry and so humidification is needed to provide a healthy environment for the scientific team stationed there.
  • 12/12/2014 - New online Humidifer Selector
    Condair, formerly known as JS Humidifiers, has launched an innovative new website,, with features including an online product selector tool and psychrometric calculator
  • 06/10/2014 - CONDAIR- the new name for JS Humidifiers
    From the 15th October 2014 JS Humidifiers is rebranding to Condair plc.
  • 18/09/2014 - JS Humidifiers introduce Condair ME Evaporative Humidifier
    JS Humidifiers is launching the new Condair ME evaporative humidifier, offering low energy humidification and evaporative cooling to an air handling unit or duct.
  • 15/05/2014 - Humidifying Facebook
    JS Humidifiers has manufactured and supplied 52 HumEvap MC3 evaporative humidifiers to Facebook for its newly built data centre in Luleå, Sweden. The humidifiers provide moisture to the incoming cold, dry Nordic air that the data centre uses to condition the atmosphere inside its data halls.
  • 25/04/2014 - Rolling Road Humidification at Jaguar Land Rover
    JS Humidifiers has supplied and installed four HumEvap MC3 evaporative humidifiers to Jaguar Land Rover for use in its exhaust emissions testing facility at the company’s Product Compliance Centre in Solihull.
  • 07/01/2013 - Condair Launch 3D Bim Humidifier Models
    The Condair range of steam and cold water humidifiers is now available to download in a BIM (Building Information Modelling) format from and the Autodesk website.
  • 22/05/2012 - New In-Room Spray Humidifier
    JS Humidifiers is launching the Draabe NanoFog Evolution, a low energy in-room spray humidifier.
  • 22/03/2012 - New Condair CP3 From JS Humidifiers
    JS Humidifiers is launching the Condair CP3 electrode boiler humidifier.
  • 16/02/2012 - Js Humidifiers keeps hops tip top at Timothy Taylor Brewery
    JS Humidifiers has supplied two Condair CP3 electrode boiler steam humidifiers to maintain the humidity of the hops in Timothy Taylor Brewery’s new hops store at Keighley.
  • 25/10/2011 - JS Humidifiers achieves Bronze Investors in people
    JS Humidifiers has recently achieved the prestigious Bronze standard Investors in People award.
  • 22/09/2011 - JS Competes in Little Britain
    JS Humidifiers has recently competed in the Little Britain Challenge Cup sailing regatta onboard its yacht Juliet Sierra and came 12th in the Cruiser class.
  • 13/09/2011 - Condair MK5 from JS Humidifiers
    JS Humidifiers is launching the Condair Mk5 resistive steam humidifier, offering close humidity control and maintenance costs that can be up to 65% less than electrode boiler humidifiers.
    Darren Bryant has joined JS Humidifiers as a Special Projects Engineer.
    JS Humidifiers is launching the new Neptronic SKS steam-to-steam humidifier.
  • 25/03/2010 - Humidifying bugs at ZSL London Zoo
    JS Humidifiers has supplied and installed three Neptronic SKE resistive steam humidifiers at the BUGS exhibit and Invertebrate Conservation Centre of ZSL London Zoo.
  • 30/12/2009 - JS humidifies leading Data Centre
    JS Humidifiers recently supplied and installed at Dublins' Citadel 100, two Neptronic SKE resistive steam humidifiers and reverse osmosis water treatment systems.
  • 21/10/2009 - Armouries Museum and Firearms Centre keep cool with JS
    JS Humidifiers has supplied, installed and commissioned three Neptronic SKE resistive steam humidifiers at the Royal Armouries Museum and the National Firearms Centre in Leeds.
  • 02/07/2009 - Please breath responsibly
    A wall-mounted humidifier from JS Humidifiers is supplying a gin and tonic mix to the air breathed in by revellers at a London bar.
  • 01/07/2009 - JS humidifies snake rooms
    JS Humidifiers has supplied and installed five Neptronic SKR steam humidifiers to the Alistair Reid Venom Research Unit at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.
  • 23/04/2009 - Accreditation first for JS Humidifiers
    Humidification specialist JS Humidifiers have achieved OHSAS 18001 status in a British Standard first for the industry.
  • 20/02/2009 - Air handling units steam up with JS Humidifiers
    The Derby Quad, the new landmark arts centre in the heart of Derby, has recently been supplied with three Neptronic SKE resistive Steam Humidifiers from JS Humidifiers.
  • 13/11/2008 - The Jetspray Humidifier Gets an Upgrade
    The Jetspray Humidifier by JS Humidifiers has developed its skills to include a host of new features.
  • 06/11/2008 - The Evaporative Humidifier is Launched
    JS Humidifiers has enhanced its reputation for low energy humidifiers with the launch of the HumEvap MC3 evaporative humidifier.
  • 03/11/2008 - Installing Humidifers and Making a Profit
    Tim Scott, Sales & Marketing Director at JS Humidifiers, lends his expertise on how to install humidifiers profitably.
  • 31/10/2008 - Free Legionnaire’s Disease Inspections
    The humidifier specialist, JS Humidifiers is offering free Legionnaire’s disease inspections to encourage safe operation in businesses.
  • 30/10/2008 - Humidifiers with Tiny Footprints
    Tim Scott, Sales & Marketing Director at JS Humidifiers, looks at how updating a humidification system can significantly reduce a building’s carbon footprint.

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