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Classification of Fires by Type


The current British/European Standard BS EN 2:1992
Classification of fires defines four categories of fire, according to the type of material burning.

Class A
These are fires on solid materials, usually organic, leaving glowing embers. Class 'A' fires are the most common and the most effective extinguishing agent is generally water in the form of a jet or spray.

Class B
These are fires involving liquids or liquefiable solids. For the purpose of choosing effective extinguishing agents, flammable liquids may be divided into two groups: those that mix (are miscible) with water and those that do not (are immiscible). Extinguishing agents are chosen according to whether the liquid fuel will mix with water or not. Agents which may be used include water spray, foam, light water, vaporising liquids, carbon dioxide and dry chemical powders.

Class C
These are fires involving gases or liquefied gases in the form of a liquid spillage, or a liquid or gas leak, and these include methane, propane, butane, etc. Foam or dry chemical powder can be used to control fires involving shallow liquid spills, though water in the form of spray is generally used to cool the containers.

Class D
These are fires involving metals. Extinguishing agents containing water are ineffective, and even dangerous. Carbon dioxide or dry chemical powders containing bicarbonate will also be hazardous if applied to most metal fires. Powdered graphite, powdered talc, soda ash, limestone and dry sand are normally suitable for Class D fires. Special fusible powders have been developed for fires involving some metals, especially the radioactive ones.

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About us

Dangerous Substance Control, also known as DSC, is a DSEAR health, safety, environmental training and consultancy specialist. We have a reputable background in the evaluation, design, manufacture and supply of equipment for the storage of hazardous substances.

As a leading UK consultancy, we have developed our skills to solve all customer problems identified in some of the most sophisticated hazardous risk assessments. We can help and offer solutions for;

  • DSEAR Risk assessments
  • DSEAR training – IOSH approved
  • Spill training
  • Chemical hazards
Working hand in hand with our customers, we have been able to develop a very unique way of thinking, looking at hazards in many ways that our clients cannot see, simply because they are too close or too familiar with the situation, providing you with a complete consultancy service and specialised training courses.

Our IOSH & FPA certified and accredited training courses are designed for all SHE professionals along with Managers and Directors. - training bookings taken online or by invoice account. All respective details are on our website.

We work to Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 standards.

Course Dates for 2019:-

1 Day Course - 20
th March, 4th June & 15th October,

3 Day Course - 24th-26th April, 17th-19th September & 19th-21st November.


Articles/Press Releases

  • 12/11/2018 - DSEAR Training
    Our DSEAR training course incorporating 18 chemistry experiments, is an IOSH approved and certified DSEAR training course that aims to demonstrate the dangers associated with handling flammable liquids and hazardous substances.


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Latest Reviews

Dangerous Substance Control Ltd

Thank you for the presentation at the event yesterday, everyone I spoke to thoroughly enjoyed it


Dangerous Substance Control Ltd

I attended the monthly meet yesterday and would like to thank you for one of the best, and most entertaining, sessions I have seen in a long while. It was most entertaining and extremely informative. I am sure I speak for many other safety professionals who, during their training, only get to read or be told about the fire triangle, flammable substances, and explosions. The session you delivered yesterday provided a fantastic insight into the subject and gave practical demonstrations of such things as LEL and UEL.


Dangerous Substance Control Ltd

Just a quick note to say thank-you for your excellent presentation and demonstration yesterday - definitely provided the high impact that we were looking for in terms of a training / awareness event for the attendees. We will definitely be exploring opportunities to invite you back to reach a wider audience here on the Camp.


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