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Ordered two tablecloths.The first was perfect.The second ordered did not have a overhang.Tried numerous times to explain to Roberta the error but she totaly refused to listen to my explanation.The cost of the cloth was irrelevant, but this non native english speaking lady is totally lacking in common customer care decency,Order at your peril,as if any errors occur ,it will be the customers fault,100%.


I ordered a tablecloth using the customised link and imput the size of my table. When the clothe arrived it was too small. I e - mailed direct Linen to find out what had gone wrong. I immediately got a phone call from an obnoxious woman called Roberta. She would not let me speak or complete a sentence. She was obviously not a native English speaker as her Language skills were very poor.Direct Linen are not interested in good customer service and will not listen to any kind of complaint. This ignorant lady put the phone down on my husband and informed us she would not respond to our e-mails in future!Take your business elsewhere. This company do not deserve to have any customers.


I ordered a PVC tablecloth which is advertised on the website as stain resistant. Other waterproof tablecloths had a disclaimer stating that some tomato based sauces would stain, but not the one I ordered. The first time I used it, it started to stain after 10 minutes of some tomato sauce being spilt on it. I called Direct Linen and was told to e-mail the manager which I duely did, explaining what had happened, offering to return the tablecloth and asking for a refund. I received an e-mail by return accepting no responsibility and telling me I would not get a refund. I e-mailed again explaining that as the product I ordered was not stain resistant as stated on their website, I was within my rights to be given a refund as the product is not as described, but was then told that I would need evidence to take them to court! I would advise, DO NOT buy from this company as if anything goes wrong, you won't be treated fairly and are unlikely to get your mony back.