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I had quite the opposite experience with this company! found them helpful, prompt and great value. no problems atall. Would definatley reccomend.


What a terrible experience and an even worse service. First and foremost I called many companies to make sure my radiator was in stock, After a long search for my desired choice I had to change it because of availability. So when DH assured me they had what I wanted in stock I was very pleased. That was about it on the plus points. After I paid them they didn't send me a receipt so had to call to request this. Then they sent a dispatch notice with 3-5 days total delivery. Waited . . . nothing . . . so called again. Now suddenly the radiator is not in stock. Unbelievable! Who lies to secure business like this and how on earth do you have customers? Its only got worse from there. No guarantees suddenly, no idea whats going on and no one will get back to me when I call. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! I'm cancelling my order first thing. What a waste of time.