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We went to Duration showroom and was very impressed at the quality of everything they had.Wanted to place an order for multiple windows (about 5-6 of them) and a sliding door, and also a front door that was painted in RAL colour.Was told by BOTH the showroom and office that it would be a 2 week delivery time for the windows, and 3 weeks for the front door. That meant I expected to receive everything before Christmas.ONLY AFTER PAYING A 50% DEPOSIT, I was told the delivery would be in 1.5 months for all windows (end of January) and 2 months for the front door (middle of february).This put my entire build back by 2 MONTHS. That means that an entire team of builders had to stop work and wait for the front door & windows to arrive for over 2 months. The whole project was meant to be FINISHED by end of January, here we are in mid-feb and still without a front door.I have had to rent a place to live in during the build for a further 3 months now because of duration's faults. In January the windows finally arrived and they were all okay, aside from one window which had a broken locking mechanism. They agreed to fix it for us, although we have not been called back about it at all yet in over 2 weeks.Now after a 3 month wait, we get a call and finally they confirm that the front door delivery is ready to be dispatched next-day. The next morning, A duration van turns up, and what's inside? two little slithers of glass. No front door.We call Duration and they say there was a 'problem with the delivery' because of 'missing materials' and they have no idea when the next delivery will be, but will contact the supplier and call me back as soon as they find out.A whole day goes past, and no call back.I call duration this morning and they say that the sash was painted the wrong colour and wrong finish, so now it will be a further 3 weeks to get the front door.IN SUMMARY:Was sold windows and doors based on a 2-3 week delivery timeAfter paying, they give me a 2 month delivery time, and MISS IT, meaning the delivery time will now end up being 3 months. IT IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING, TO PROMISE DELIVERY OF SOMETHING IN 2 WEEKS, TAKE MY MONEY, AND THEN DELIVER IT 3 MONTHS LATER. You have delayed an entire house build project because of incompetence and lies.