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Electrolab Biotech Ltd

  • 0168 (Display number) 01684 291007
Unit E2
Northway Trading Estate
Northway Lane
Tewkesbury Gloucestershire GL20 8JH United Kingdom

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About us

Electrolab Biotech Ltd based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire are specialists of small fermenter and cell culture systems. We are involved in every stage of production from design to manufacture to distributing.

We have built a strong reputation for providing our customers with a first class, friendly and helpful service. We have extended our services beyond the UK, exporting to Europe as well as 40 other countries worldwide, providing the same quality service and support as we do for our customers in the UK.

We work with many well-known companies and organisations from all over the world including Thames Water, Cancer Research UK and Pfizer, supplying largely to Education and Healthcare sectors.

Our Bioreactor fermenters are world renowned for their versatility and reliability making them the ideal solution for your biotechnology research project. Each bioreactor has been laboratory tested to meet the highest possible standards.

The Electrolab Biotech range includes

FerMac 310/60

The Fermac 310/60 offers

•    Microbial and cell culture versions
•    The control and footprint of an integrated system
•    Powerful and intuitive measurement control system
•    Robust, stainless steel framework and more.

FerMac 320

The Fermac 320 offers

•    Microbial and cell culture versions
•    Bench-top bioreactor control system
•    A value for money package
•    Vessel mounted motor with unique locking system and more.

FerMac 200

The Fermac 200 offers

•    Low cost truly modular system
•    Robust, easy to use  control modules
•    Stackable Modules to create combined unit
•    Fully autoclavable vessels with baffles and cooling coil attached to top plate and more.

FerMac 368 Gas Analyser

The Fermac 368 Gas Analyser offers

•    Economical method of monitoring growth conditions
•    Can be used with any size or make bioreactor
•    Integrated flow meter & pump for constant gas flow and more.

FerMac Airlift Vessel

The FerMac Airlift Vessel offers

•    Low energy input, high yield alternative to stirred tank system
•    Sturdy, stainless steel base with Ingold DN25 ports
•    Air sparge designed to prevent syphon-back and more

Photobioreactor Light Shroud

The Photobioreactor Light Shroud offers

•    A key tool for algal biofuel research
•    Conditions can be closely controlled

We provide Operator and Cell culture Training to suit individual needs and experience. Our training and services also include Equipment Servicing to provide you with support when using our bioreactor systems.

To view a full list of key features on our Bioreactor fermenters or to see some of our special projects, please visit our website.

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