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  • 0845 (Display number) 0845 399 1962
221 Watling Street
Radlett Hertfordshire WD7 7AL United Kingdom

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About us

The Emjoi MICRO Pedi is a ground-breaking device that is revolutionising the world of hard skin treatment. Innovative and pain-free, it's a uniquely effective way for thousands of our customers to get rid of the discomfort and unsightliness caused by the areas of hard skin on their feet. It is produced and sold globally by healthcare company Lifes2good.

The success and popularity of our small, battery-operated device has already led to awards from RSVP Magazine and Pure Beauty, while the Mail on Sunday voted it one of the five best footcare aids on the market.

On top of that, we're proud to say that our customers have spoken for themselves, leaving a huge number of positive online testimonials reflecting the success of their MICRO Pedi usage and stating as to why it has become an essential part of their home pedicure routine.

Hard skin on feet is a condition that most of us will suffer from at one time or another. Just the act of walking, carrying bags or moving around in ill-fitting shoes can cause undue pressure on your feet, and your body's reaction is to add extra layers of skin for protection.

These extra layers, which tend to be found on the ball of your foot, the heel or the toes, are not as easily shed as normal skin and so we're left with yellowy areas that, left untreated, can become painful.

There are a host of different hard skin remover options on the market, from scrapers and graters to blades and ped eggs, but most only succeed in literally cutting the skin off in a blunt and dangerous way.

The Emjoi MICRO Pedi is not the first electric hard skin remover on the market, but it does have a series of unique features that separate it from the crowd in the eyes of our customers.

First of all, it's incredibly easy to use. With an ergonomically designed handle, rubberised grip and a complete lack of fiddly attachments, it makes simple work of reaching those awkward areas of your feet.

Furthermore, you won't feel a thing. With an innovative micro-mineral roller spinning 360 degrees at 30 times a second, it painlessly removes microscopic layers of hard, dry skin, gently buffing your feet with the minimum of fuss.

Available to buy online, the Emjoi MICRO Pedi gives your feet a salon quality makeover in seconds, leaving you with feet that are not just smoother, but more comfortable and much healthier.

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