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About us

The award winning patented ENiGMA electronic water descaler system. Technically advanced; environmentally friendly hard water treatment removes existing hard water limescale deposits and prevents further build up in a wide range of water systems & processes, without the use of chemicals.
As well as our industrial units, our products also include the Olympic range suitable for swimming pools and leisure centres and our In-line units suitable for appliances up to 3kw such as catering beverage boilers and washing machines.

Clients include Waitrose, De Vere Hotel Group, MoD, St Thomas Hospital and Tower 42 in London, John Lewis Partnership, Nissan and Southern & Thames Water to name but a few.
Based in Fareham, Hampshire, Environmental Treatment Concepts Ltd, (ETC Ltd), is continuously investing, researching and developing a water descaling system that prevents the build up of unwanted limescale. Many years working with universities and water companies, as well as industrial users, has given us specialist experience in using high quality descaling technology to solve hard water problems, effluent treatment and sludge treatment.
Calcium carbonate, or limescale as it's better known, is currently affecting 70% of the UK and just about every other country in the world. Although it is good for our bodies, the build up of lime scale is not good for our water systems. The build up of unwanted limescale narrows pipes, blocks jets, reduces thermal efficiency and is expensive to remove. With shocking statistics, research has shown that 6mm of built up limescale in water pipes can reduce energy efficiency by a staggering 40%. In a reasonably hard water area it is known for water pipes to have a build up of 3mm of limescale within just 12 months.

It is already estimated to cost the UK around £1billion a year just in descaling water systems with further money being wasted in lost production, early renewal of capital equipment, chemicals and increased energy bills.

Limescale need no longer be a major problem or cost to the industry. In recent years modern descaling technology has been developed which can permanently treat hard water systems without chemicals, acids or expensive softening equipment.

The ENiGMA water descaler provides a proven yet simple cost effective solution to your hard water problems. The ENiGMA electronic descaler improves energy efficiency by;
  • preventing limescale deposition
  • reducing both maintenance and downtime
  • protecting the entire water system
  • being easy to install and move
  • suiting any pipe size, material or flow rate
ENiGMA also wins on sustainability because it;
  • extends life of capital equipment
  • descales existing systems
  • achieves large energy savings
  • can treat more than one pipe with a single unit
  • uses no costly or dangerous chemicals & can be used for drinking water
  • doesn’t interfere with the quality of water
  • by removing limescale, thus removing a major source of nutrient and protection for biofilms, and allowing a hot water system to reach desired temperatures, it can therefore help as part of a bacterial control programme
If you would like further information or a video link of our ENiGMA Electronic Descaler system in use, please visit the Environmental Treatment Concepts website, on contact us for more details.

Articles/Press Releases

  • 22/05/2017 - Nottingham Trent University gas water heaters
    Nottingham Trent University has successfully treated its hot water system and removed scale from Hamworthy direct-fired gas water heaters at two of the University's Halls of Residence.
  • 12/05/2017 - Maidstone prison hot water calorifier
    HMP Maidstone has successfully used ENiGMA on two calorifiers producing hot water for the domestic services for one of the prison blocks.
  • 27/03/2017 - Pingles leisure centre swimming pool conditioning
    Run by Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Councils, Pingles Leisure Centre’s swimming pool was first installed in 1963 but has been continually updated with new plant.
  • 27/03/2017 - Queen Elizabeth Hospital Barbados
    Environmental Treatment Concepts Ltd (ETC) has recently completed a project that has taken them a long way from their head office in Fareham, Hampshire.
  • 24/03/2017 - Lucas Power Systems Water Spray Booth
    Employing around 600 personnel, Lucas Power Systems factory produces electrical generated equipment for civil and military aircraft and other products associated with the aerospace market.
  • 24/03/2017 - KNP Paper Mill - The Netherlands Water Treatment Plant
    Situated in Nijmegen, in the East of Holland, the KNP Paper Company produces 200,000 tons a year of wood-free, white, coated paper which is exported throughout the world.
  • 13/03/2017 - Controlling Legionella and Legionella Pneumophila in water systems
    Legionella bacteria, the fundamental agent of Legionnaire's Disease, is a water-based organism, which causes infection when inhaled in an aerosol form.
  • 13/03/2017 - Cash Back for John Lewis through Energy Savings
    One of the UK’s biggest department store and supermarket organisations has turned to electronic water treatment technology to help reduce its maintenance and running costs for cooling and hot water systems.
  • 10/03/2017 - Greek Poultry Farm Evaporative Cooling Panels
    In poultry farms in Greece, when cooling panels become clogged with scale, extractor fans have to work much harder and remain on much longer, drawing air into and through the building.
  • 10/03/2017 - Goole Hospital Water System
    Goole Hospital is run by the Scunthorpe Health Authority and is situated in a very hard water area with a water hardness of around 490 ppm.
  • 20/02/2017 - Gallaher Steam Humidifiers
    Steam humidifiers are used by J R Freeman & Son to maintain the correct atmospheric humidity in its two Conditioning Rooms, used to store tobacco whilst it matures prior to cigar manufacture.
  • 20/02/2017 - Fapajal paper - Portugal vacuum pumps
    Situated in Loures, Fapajal was originally established in 1973 as Papel Abelheira.
  • 20/02/2017 - Leading Leisure Centre - Jersey, Channel Islands Swimming Pool Treatment
    Fort Regent, Jersey's leading Leisure Centre, has made drastic savings on chemicals, maintenance and the early renewal of equipment following the installation of the ENiGMA Olympic unit on its 25-metre pool and teaching pool.
  • 20/02/2017 - Eastney Health Centre - Portsmouth
    Heating System
  • 14/02/2017 - Dutch poultry farm Bell Waterers/Nipple Drinkers
    Mr Jenniskens has 11,000 laying hens producing around 10,000 eggs per day at his farm in Wanssum in the Netherlands.
  • 14/02/2017 - Dyped medical equipment - The Netherlands
    Sterilising Equipment
  • 14/02/2017 - David S Smith Packaging - Newmarket
    Effluent Plant Treatment
  • 14/02/2017 - Dairy Crest Milk Processing Plant - Evaporators
    When milk is treated in an evaporator for the removal of water, scale, in the form of ‘milkstone’, builds up on the inside of the tubes, associated equipment, pumps and pipework.
  • 14/02/2017 - Cannon Rubber - Steam Boiler
    The Cannon Rubber factory in Tottenham, North London, manufactures between l50,000 and 200,000 rubber car mats each week which are supplied to Fords, Halfords and for export to Germany.
  • 13/02/2017 - Dairy Crest milk processing plant evaporators
    When milk is treated in an evaporator for the removal of water, scale, in the form of ‘milkstone’, builds up on the inside of the tubes, associated equipment, pumps and pipework.
  • 13/02/2017 - Crowtree Leisure - Desuper Heat Exchanger
    The City of Sunderland boasts one of the largest leisure centres in the country.
  • 13/02/2017 - Chrysanthemum Nursery - Steam Boiler
    A chrysanthemum nursery in the Netherlands has found the solution to the scaling up of its fire-tube boiler by installing the ENiGMA Electronic Descaling System.
  • 13/02/2017 - CS Interglass - Water Cooled Rools
    CS Interglass, a subsidiary of Clark-Schwebel Fiber Glass Corporation, USA, the world's leading producer of woven glass fabrics, has a manufacturing facility in Sherborne, Dorset.
  • 13/02/2017 - Commercial Union - Gas Boiler System
    Renowned as the market leader in the electronic treatment of hard water scaling, the patented ENiGMA system has broken new ground by successfully preventing the build-up of soot in a gas boiler.
  • 10/02/2017 - Courtaulds - Vapour Condenser
    Courtaulds Fibres Performance Products produces between 50 and 55 tons of flame retardant fibre a week for use in curtains, bedding, children's clothing, etc.
  • 10/02/2017 - Residential Home Hartlepool - Laundry Equipment
    The Clifton House residential home in Hartlepool, which is situated in one of the hardest water areas in Britain, has resolved the problem of scale build-up in laundry equipment by installing the ENiGMA Electronic Descaling System.
  • 10/02/2017 - Chassisjet - High Pressure Water Equipment
    Chassisjet Limited of Stratford-upon-Avon produces equipment that cleans underneath the chassis of buses, coaches and commercial vehicles.
  • 10/02/2017 - Calypso drinks - chilled water system
    The Calypso soft drinks factory in Tattenhall, Chester uses water from a borehole, which was sunk in 1938 by Wyatts of Whitchurch to supply water to the factory. The water is hard but very pure and meets EEC regulations for mineral water quality.
  • 06/02/2017 - Britannia Airways - Hot Water Boiler
    Britannia Airways, the world’s premier charter carrier and Britain’s second largest airline is based at Luton, a hard water area.
  • 06/02/2017 - Buckland Paper Mill - Blowdown Vessel
    Buckland Paper Mill, situated on Dover's River Dour in Kent, originated in 1770.
  • 06/02/2017 - Beatrix Gold Mine - South Africa
    Plate Heat Exchangers
  • 06/02/2017 - Baff Laundry - USA Boiler Water Services
    In hard water areas laundry equipment quickly becomes encrusted with limescale, resulting in early renewal and frequent downtime for descaling.
  • 31/01/2017 - Avonmore Meats Angelery & Steam Boiler
    Avonmore Meats (UK) Ltd at Harvils, Hawthorn, West Bromwich uses approximately 6,000 cubic metres of water weekly, processing lambs and pigs for both UK and overseas retail outlets.
  • 31/01/2017 - Avon Council Nursing Homes
    Water Services
  • 31/01/2017 - Aspen Design Steam & Combination Ovens
    Combination ovens are used extensively throughout the catering industry, but are often affected by a build-up of scale on the heat exchangers.
  • 31/01/2017 - Applegate Nurseries
    Steam Boiler
  • 31/01/2017 - Allington House Water System
    The Allington NHS Trust has a four bedroom community home in Ipswich, which is a residential home for people with learning disabilities and forms part of the Patients In The Community Scheme.
  • 28/11/2013 - ENiGMA - Chemical Free Struvite Deposit Control
    Environmental Treatment Concepts have been pioneering electronic water descaling since 1989 and have successfully used its patented ENiGMA technology to treat a variety of deposit problems including limescale, ochre, struvite and vivienite.
  • 17/10/2013 - Controlling Crustacean infestations in pipelines
    A study undertaken by Aquatic Sciences Inc. has demonstrated that the ENiGMA Electronic DeScaling System can successfully control the settlement of crustaceans in pipelines.
  • 08/10/2012 - ENiGMA benefits to Reverse Osmosis systems
    After suvccesful installations of ENiGMA on SunCruise’s fleet of cruise liners, the company’s Technical Superintendent suggested Environmental Treatment Concepts contact Salt Separation Services, manufacturers of Reverse Osmosis desalination plant, for their ships, as well as most of the other major cruise lines and the Royal Navy.
  • 08/10/2012 - Energy savings mean cash back for Waitrose
    Whilst many people frequent the national supermarket chain Waitrose for their weekly shop, few appreciate how much effort this company puts into creating a first class shopping experience and working environment in all its branches across the country.
  • 05/10/2012 - ETC ENiGMA success in Avon Council nursing homes
    Avon Council selected the ENiGMA electronic water de-scaler from Environmental Treatment Concepts for trial in two of their Nursing Homes.
  • 03/10/2012 - ETC ENiGMA improves nursery heating performance
    An ENiGMA electronic water descaler from Environmental Treatment Concepts, helped to improve heating performance by reducing limescale at Applegate Nurseries.
  • 02/10/2012 - ETC ENiGMA reduces limescale at Hampshire Hotel
    Following installation of a ENiGMA from Environmental Treatment Concepts at the Old Thorns Hotel, in addition to reducing limescale, the electronic water descaler has also reduced maintenance costs and downtime.
  • 19/09/2012 - Electronic Water Descaler makes a meal out of restaurant hard water
    Barnham Windmill in West Sussex, a grade two listed building, was a tourist attraction, tea room and restaurant. Success was owed not only to its 'olde worlde' charm, but also to the Scalewatcher™ Enigma electronic water treatment units installed by Environmental Treatment Concepts.
  • 29/03/2012 - Maltby Colliery coalface equipment cooling
    Maltby Colliery is a coal mine situated in the rural heart of the South Yorkshire countryside, twelve kilometres east of Rotherham. Its giant enclosed headgear dominates the nearby town of Maltby and the surrounding countryside in all directions.
  • 09/03/2011 - Does your boiler and fittings comply with sub-section 40 of the 1955 Factories Act?
    The 1955 Factories Act Sub Section 40 states "a boiler and all its fittings must be properly maintained" and yet HSOs are frequently called out to accidents where calorifiers, boilers and hot water heaters have exploded because safety valves, encrusted with limescale, have not operated correctly. If there is a build-up of pressure in the vessel and safety valves are not operating, explosion will occur causing severe damage and possible injury to personnel.
  • 25/11/2010 - ENiGMA cleans up at Portugal Copper Mine
    ScaleWatcher™ ENiGMA electronic descalers installed at a Copper mine in Portugal had reduced restricting pipe scale to just small powder deposits in just 7 months.
  • 10/09/2010 - ETC Enigmas keep watch over co-ed school
    Scalewatcher ENIGMA units from Environmental Treatment Concepts are significantly reducing energy costs at St Edmunds' School.
  • 31/08/2010 - CRC promoting sustainability - the legacy of our time
    Officially launched in April this year, the new UK-wide CRC Energy Eficiency Scheme is the Governments latest weapon in its emissions reduction arsenal to help drive down energy use and work towards a more sustainable future.
  • 30/12/2009 - Saving Energy and Water through effective Electronic Water Conditioning
    ETC is proud to be part of this initiative, addressing not only the skills question, but also key issues such as sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • 07/12/2009 - ETC success through R&D
    In 20 years of pioneering electronic water conditioning, ETC has developed a number of methods demonstrating the efficacy of their patented technology.
  • 26/11/2009 - Effectiveness of ENiGMA testing
    Environmental Treatment Concepts have experienced that Eureka moment with independent evidence of the effectiveness of their ENiGMA.
  • 22/10/2009 - Hot water flows freely again at Chilworth Manor Hotel
    Chilworth Manor Hotel, an Edwardian Manor House set in 12 acres of landscaped gardens, is located in the middle of southern Englands' hard water area.
  • 15/10/2009 - Continuing John Lewis & ETC relationship to cut carbon footprint
    The John Lewis Partnership has maintained its faith in Environmental Treatment Concepts' technology with a rolling program of installations across the country.
  • 05/08/2009 - Effective solution for Southern Water struvite problem
    East Worthing Treatment Works has been suffering from struvite build up in system pipework, causing major problems within the digestion process.
  • 31/07/2009 - Going 'green' in the Algarve
    Based in the Algarve town of Estói, Portugal, TÁI – Ibérica, Lda was formed in 2006 by two brothers to market the Scalewatcher ENiGMA range of products and to provide permanent solutions to the severe scaling problems encountered across the country.
  • 29/06/2009 - Sustainability & hard water, or the missed opportunity to have a real impact on the S word
    Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations to meet their own needs. Brundtland (1987).
  • 25/06/2009 - Contact Lens manufacturer makes clear decision on limescale prevention
    ENiGMA Scalewatcher electronic limescale prevention units from Environmental Treatment Concepts scale down fouling and downtime in autoclaves.
  • 15/05/2009 - Trusts under fire over refusal of limescale recognition
    The Carbon Trust and The Energy Saving Trust have both been criticised for their soft stance on recognising limescale as a major factor in increased energy consumption.
  • 06/05/2009 - Hard water limescale is a major factor of end user increased energy costs
    Hard water limescale is a major source of industrial fouling and is a primary reason for increasing end user energy bills.
  • 05/05/2009 - Project SLAM – Prevention is better than cure
    An innovative Hampshire-based company will be playing a pivotal role in the success of Defence Estates’ £1 billion SLAM project to upgrade Single Living Accommodation for some 30,000 members of the armed forces over the next ten years.
  • 30/04/2009 - ENiGMA reduces Kings School heating costs by 58%
    The installation of the technically advanced ENiGMA descaling system has resulted in the school being able to reduce the use of the boiler in one of its boarding houses by a massive 62% in just two months.

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