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Escape Mobility Company

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Unit 4, Crossinglands Business Park, Salford Road, Aspley Guise, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, MK17 8HZ, United Kingdom

Specialists in full service evacuation across stairs and emergency planning, the Escape Mobility Company supply a range of evacuation chairs, mattresses and fire safety equipment to customers within the UK. In addition we also offer advice and guidance on evacuation aid, emergency planning and safety.

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Escape Mobility doesn't just sell chairs, they will talk to you, understand the type of building you have and then help you decide on the equipment you need for a safe evacuation, They trained NHS people in how to use the equipment. Staff on the training were worried about whether they were strong enough to help people in an evacuation, but after the training, felt confident. The chair took the weight and made it easy to move people safely down the stairs. Would recommend Escape Mobility every time.