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Florence Roby

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Absolutely discusted in the customer service from florance roby.... hundreds of pounds down the drain.... Our spa tunics bobbled after a few days wear and we're replaced with even worse quality... The zips were so badly sowed in they give us all rashes were they scratched our skin... ordered two uniforms in size 14 and we're both two completely diffrent sizes, the threading came loose under the arms and around the zips, after a 20 min refresh wash the uniforms lost shape and we're horrendous... even clients commented on how bad they looked after a weeks wear.... company passed us from person to person for weeks untill I demanded to speak to someone with athority... finally got to speak to the director to explain our situation and she was pig ignorant and even called me a diffrent name and got my situation completely mixed up with another unhappy customer... and before I could correct her she told me adamantly NO REFUND without even hearing me out.... if she had of seen how poor the quality is on the uniforms she would have been embarrassed and gave us a refund immediately. .... Absolutely discusting how they can steal hard earned money!!!


Dreadful customer service. Paid for a uniform over a onto ago and still waiting for it. No communication at all. I've sent emails and made calls but nobody ever gets back to me. Absolutely awful. I've complained to the college that require the uniform so I hope they change suppliers. This company doesn't deserve the business.