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The Freeze Master is a unique pipe freezing plumbing tool that allows you to fix a faulty pipe without the need for draining down. The Freeze Master is a cost effective solution for pipe freezing plumbing equipment.

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I purchased a Freezemaster 280d in September 2015 as a direct replacement for my previous unit, a Rothenberger Eco Freeze. The reason for replacement was simple - when the Eco-freeze worked it was great but often it would either fail to freeze the pipe or one of the heads would fail unexpectedly and in truth almost spent as much time with Rothernberger being repaired as it did in my hands! Another aspect was that due to the variable nature of its freezing ability I had become less keen on charging customers for 'pipe freezing' and I had come to view it as a bonus for me if it worked. I was therefore more than happy with the principle of pipe freezing and decided to purchase another unit. Somehow my attention was diverted to your products and after a lot of hesitation (mainly due to the not insignificant purchase price!) and a helpful phone conversation with someone at Freezemaster I put my hand in my wallet and proudly received a 280d via Cranefords. Your product is a revelation. It looks professional, has a quality feel about the way it is constructed and the unit box with storage at the tops works very well. Most importantly though and obvious as it sounds- it is actually very good at freezing pipes! I've tried it now in most domestic applications from the cylinder cupboard (always a no go previously for pipe freezing) to a pipe half buried in the wall and up in the loft to freeze the feeds from the tank. If it doesn't freeze the pipe for any reason it is because I haven't noticed that elusive lump of solder preventing the freeze head making good contact! It is very quick, coped well when I selected the 28mm head for a 22mm pipe and quite simply, does the job. It is also a talking point with customers who are very impressed. As for the financial aspect of ownership, i determinedly set off on a course of quoting and charging £25 per use for the machine where it would save me the time and the customer money on draining down etc. After 5 months of ownership I am well on the way to paying for the machine. So Freezemaster - Thank you. It is rare these days to buy something that exceeds expectations and you certainly achieved that.


Great machine. Had it ten years. Fantastic to use. Didn't think I would use it so much. Would recommend to every Plumber or Heating engineer


We bought a 350 D 240V Freezemaster approximately two years ago because we faced a difficult repair from a regular customer & didn't want to lose their confidence in us.Having used it sucessfully we started using it on a regular basis & have never had a failure with it (or the stress & bother & expense when we used CO2 sprays). We did have failures with the sprays which resulted in having to drain down systems. In two years it has become our most important tool!We have also found your technical help service to be excellent on the odd occasion we have used it.We totally endorse this product & it is the only product I have ever endorsed fully without any doubts.We have been in business since 1981 & the Freezemaster is the most time & money saving device we have ever come across.


We spoke yesterday about the 280d Freezemaster.Prior to purchasing the unit we had been using disposable freeze cans and could not justify the cost of a purchasing a machine.We had been investigating the 280d machine and considered a second hand machine prior to any purchase I made a call to Trevor at freezemaster who answered all my questions and we spoke at length about every aspect of the electric freezing. One thing that Trevor said changed my attitude to pipe freezing, " if you go to a job and buy a disposable freezer pack you would charge that to the customer likewise if you drained down you would charge for your time, so charge for each use of the freezemaster ", that made a lot of sense.After the phone phone call I purchased the Freezemaster 280D and to this day I have never looked back I would say it has become one of the most indispensable pieces of equipment on the van ....... I even hire it out to a colleague who runs a buisness !!!Using disposable units I had never had a flood but I was always concerned that the freeze would fail causing a flood.The first time the Freezermaster unit was used, I was working at a 5m pound house, if you are going to have a water leak you don't want to want one here. It was a very simple job I just needed to freeze a 15mm pipe and cut in a valve to allow some service work to be carried out with out draining three floors of underfloor heating and radiators. The valve was being cut into 1m length of 15mm unpainted copper pipe, nice easy freeze, however it turned into a nightmare, I was so relived that I was using the 280D freezer. I fitted the freezer heads and quickly froze the pipe, cut the pipe and went to fit the valve for some reason I could not get the olive on...time was ticking I tried other olives and even another valve but could not get the valve onto the pipe and make the system safe. Fortunately I was able to move one freeze head to a different part of the pipe to create a second freeze and once this was achieved I moved the second freeze head to the same point and then cut the pipe back by a further 50mm and fitted the isolation valve with no problem. To my surprise the very point I chose to cut the pipe there was a dent at the back of the pipe causing the problem.As Trevor said its like fitting temporay valves, we have used the unit regularly and would say it has paid for itself and made a profit in one year !!One good purchase and one that makes you money !!


Just to let you know how delighted we are with the Freeze Master equipment we recently purchased. It is proving its worth time and time again and we are finding we use it more and more often. Having initially experienced a near disaster whilst using the Rothenberger pipe freeze kit we have now regained our confidence in freezing pipework of all sizes thanks to your advice and superb equipment. This equipment is an asset to our business and not only gives great performance you can trust but also provides a very professional image when engaging such work. We are only a small business but would consider this equipment to be invaluable to any business large or small who is involved in the mechanical services repair / maintenance industry or associated with the hot and cold pipework sector. This equipment works and does the job every time, we would certainly recommend this should be the first and only choice for a professional pipe freezing equipment purchase.