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402 Merlin Business Park
Ringtail Road
Burscough Industrial Estate
Ormskirk Lancashire L40 8JY United Kingdom

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Founded in 1944, Frese Ltd have combined a group of individual services to provide high quality fluid management solutions that are utilised across a variety of industries and sectors within the UK and beyond.  With our head office based in Denmark, our company has four main areas in which we specialise, including HVAC, Metal & Steel Foundry, Plumbing and Marine & Industrial.  These four services can be viewed on our website, as well as the excellent quality components and fittings we have offered to customers at a very low cost.

Over the years, the Frese business has built an outstanding reputation for productivity and efficiency, as well as our desire to achieve excellence across all projects, no matter how large or small.  We now have over 70 years’ experience in our areas of expertise and continue to develop new and innovative fluid control systems that are built to last.  We cooperate closely with our suppliers, partners and customers to ensure maximum effectiveness, offering a variety of flexible and reliable solutions that clients have praised for many years.

We at Frese Ltd have developed an impressive range of small, machined metal products that have been utilised across domestic, commercial and industrial environments.  As our customer base has rapidly expanded in recent years, we as a company have produced innovative automatic valves that are designed using the latest technologies and ideas, allowing for high quality and full functionality.  Our combination of businesses has allowed for a broader customer base as well as a collective solid group structure which has benefitted both ourselves and our clients.

Frese Ltd is a family-owned business that primarily focuses on strategic development of products and services that are financially-sound and guaranteed to achieve their purpose.  Our main goal as an overall business is to be an independent supplier of bespoke metal fittings and valves that will continue to benefit both large and small companies across Britain.  We use the best quality materials to our advantage and continue to work within the wider community to gather together new and innovative ideas that will ensure productive solutions across all factors.

Here at Frese Ltd, our four main websites offer a full range of bespoke products that are available to view online, some of which include;

HVAC – Pressure Independent Control Valves, Dynamic Flow Limiting Valves, Manual Balancing Valves, Differential Pressure Control Valves, Bypass Units, Thermostatic Circulation, Energy Management, System Valves & Accessories, Measurement & Diagnostics, Sanitary Valves & Fittings.

Metal & Steel Foundry – Design Development & Review, Simulation, Pattern Design, Prototypes, Sand Casting, Machining, Test, Approval & Inspection.

Plumbing – Frost Taps, Stop Valves & Taps, Drain Valves & Radiator Fittings, Fittings, Universal Necks & Shower Pipes.

Marine & Industrial – High Corrosion Resistant Flow Limiting Valves, Frese OPTIMA Compact Actuators, HVAC Pressure Independent Balancing & Control Valves, Externally Adjustable Valves, Cartridge Solutions, Measurement & Diagnostics.

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