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In response to Kamal Shah at Gp Supplies. I appreciate that you apologised, and that you offered me free stock. But as soon as I advised you I was contacting authorities, you retracted to the offer of free stock. I would see this basically in another sense as a bribe for me not to write reviews about your company. I can appreciate that you are human beings and make mistakes, but I would also like to appreciate that if you make mistakes you can rectify them. This has been blown way out of proportion and other well known reputable companies would've just sorted this matter out immediately. I am aggrieved in fact I'm furious about this, but I am definately not trying to take advantage of your mistake for my own gain. I am just expecting you to put right your error and fulfill my order that I placed and paid for. As these items for single items are cheaper elsewhere, I thought that as a gp supplier meaning wholesaler they shouldv'e been that price. It was very misleading and False.


In reply to Mr Phil Jones's complaint. We revamped and updated the website on 21st January. For some reason, the single prices were attached to outer sizes. I apologised emphatically. Figuratively i said that "****" happens.I expalined to Mr Jones that this was a genuine mistake and as a gesture of goodwill offered some free stock. He insisted on complaining to the authorities which i beleive is his prerogative. We are human beings and make mistakes. Mr Jones is aggrieved and we as a company feel that he is trying to take advantage of a genuine mistake for his gain. We have one disgruntled Mr Jones but we have got thousands of satisfied Mr Smiths. Kamal Shah MD


I would stay well clear of this company, I ordered several items off this company which were advertised as packs of 12. After I paid and the order confirmation email was sent. The items were packs of 1 and they had incorrectly advertised them. I contacted the company and was told that **** happens and they would send me 1 dozen of each as a good will gesture after I had ordered 10 packs of each. I would stay well away from this company.