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never done reviews before, but credit where credit due. I would like to say that the service from this company has been good. I have called late at night and they have really helped me.Goods were sent by recorded delivery. good prices, helpful staff that care.I was sceptical at first using a product like these but when i used them from happy smile i was really happy. I would tell others about happy smile anyday of the week, my dealings with them have been good.The staff were polite, helpful and answered all my questions and they never rushed me off the phone and just want to make sure i got the best products. I have look ed every where for a good supplier and these people were registered 7 years ago so i was very confident in making a purchase.quick prompt service too. great site and lots of choice and different prices


HAPPY CUSTOMER****READ MY REVIEW. I have used lots of companies and none compare to this company. I have done lots of research and I really and very impressed with this dental company. The good thing is Happysmileuk do dentist lab trays and my dentist was going to charge me over £350 just called them! Happysmileuk can do it at much cheaper price. I would like to say that I for one have ordered and my delivery came very fast. My Royal Mail tracking number is ( [* Sent: Customer *] ROYAL MAIL TRACKING IS AG058221924GB 2010-05-03 18:17:27 ) I think the company is great. I always like to put my tracking number in my reviews as it shows that the company actually do send the goods. happysmileuk.com are top, very impressed. Best dental company to buy professional dental bleach supplies.


Hello I have just ordered from this company and I am VERY HAPPY, got my order next day and simply can NOT fault them. The price was very attractive and the products are brilliant and I love the fact that you can always contact them. So many companies these days only use answering services but not with this company the people who helped me were highly professional and even my own dentist buys from them so if any one is reading this post then do buy from happy smile as they do help you. I would give this company a 1000 stars if i could. Very Very Very happpppy !! 100% positive. Great products & Great service. The customer services were very professional and very helpful they knew what they were talking about. My order came very fast and by recorded delivery the company will also send you proofs if you ask them they can send you a list of recent royal mail trackings to assure you how quicly they send. I ordered on 15th April 2010 at 9.45am and my order came on the 16th April at 10.47am they did not charge any postage. I found the website easy to navigate very professional and they only sell top brands. I purchased the day 9.5% and it worked very fast took around 4 days and the results were really effective. I had my trays already as I had been to the dentist a few months before. I can only say that I for one have had a very positive shopping experience from happy smile and I would only purchase from this company as they have been around for ages. All I can say is 1000+++++ stars....wonderfull. Very great service, The best around for UK consumers and wonderful helpful people that really care. From Sonia Lofthouse