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The long and short of it - Rob Hay is the director of Hay Engineering Ltd, as well as Beds of Hay. He told me that there would be a deposit needed for the iron bespoke furniture I wanted make up. That I was to put this money directly into the account he furnished me with. I did so. This was in October '12.He sent me emails stating he would send me images of progress, dates for delivery were made, etc. Absolutely nothing happened. He then just stopped responding to my emails and never once returned my calls or voicemails.In the end I had to go to the small claims court. They ruled in my favour and a warrant was issued. The bailiffs have been to visit him, but he is now 'gone'. I have called today and the receptionist told that he is out and will return later on in the afternoon!He has blatantly stolen my £350 deposit and no matter how many times I have asked him to return it, nothing. Avoid this man and his businesses unless you are happy to give him money for nothing! I have all the paperwork (emails, court papers) to back up my review here in regard to Mr Rob Hay.