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About us

Hollowrap Ltd manufacture and supply a wide range of coreless stretch film rolls and dispensers including our geared roller Hollowrap dispensers which do the stretching for you and are absolutely perfect for pallet wrap stretch film applications, you simply just walk around the pallet and the geared rollers provide a constant wrap and load stability.

This coreless system offers the end user many advantages such as reduced waste and disposal costs along with reduced storage space and transport costs. These systems also provide 100% usage and guaranteed film lengths with absolutely no loss of performance, and most importantly they reduce the environmental damage caused by sending waste to landfill sites.

At present Hollowrap products are a main focus for customers throughout the UK. However, after receiving a great deal of interest from outside of the UK we are looking to expand even further by branching out to more and more customers around the world.

Hollowrap Products:

Hollowrapper Dispenser – The first inline pre-stretching dispenser designed for coreless stretch film. This product enables every pallet to be wrapped to the same standard.

Offset Dispenser – Is an easy to use product as the geared rollers do the stretching providing consistency and stability whilst wrapping

Flush Cup Dispenser – Available in two sizes and is ideal for sorting offices or warehouses

Extended Dispenser – Ideal for many environments

Handywrap/Mini Dispensers – Available in a variety of colours, option to add your own logo on orders of 100 or more dispensers, lightweight, reduced environmental costs, maximum performance, low storage costs and more

Coreless Prestretch – Ideal for use in industrial warehouses, transportation/haulage companies etc. Offers maximum performance, low haulage costs increased roll length etc.

PPS Machine Rolls – Excellent quality film, 50 rolls per pallet. Available in 17mu and 15mu thicknesses. Other thicknesses available for larger orders.

14mu Stretchfilm – Produced on our own patented converting equipment, this film is kinder to the environment and offers a wide range of benefits and features. A variety of delivery options are available

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HolloWrap Ltd

Hollowrap have supplied me for five years and more than lived up their reputation for supplying high quality materials promptly and efficiently. Their coreless hand film system is second to none, and they have strived to lead the market with down gauging initiatives for machine film. As a distributor, I cannot afford to spend time dealing with issues, and have recorded exactly zero problems with material quality for five years, perfect!


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