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Spa Technologies Marine Skincare

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Harley House, 14 Burnham Business Park, Springfield Road, Burnham On Crouch, Essex, CM0 8TE, United Kingdom

Spa Technologies Marine Skincare offers unique skin solutions to prevent acceleration of photo-ageing and environmental stress. Our products are made using natural ingredients including seaweed and algae for optimum health & radiant skin. Our product range includes serums, masks, cleansers, creams, oils, spot clearing products, shampoo, conditioner, sun care, men’s skincare, kid’s skincare & mineral makeup etc. Our natural products deliver incredible results without the need for chemicals. We ship across Europe with stockists in London, Birmingham, East Sussex, Sheffield & Chelmsford.

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I love the Anti-Aging Serum. It has a very nice consistency and a lovely smell. What I like very much about it is, that it sort of blurs the skin. At first it is very smooth and then it matts the skin. That’s fantastic and amazing. But, the good thing is also a not so good thing. If I use make-up then it is too dry. I have a cc-cream that is a bit thicker, heavier in consistency, more fatty probably. Together with this i get fantastic results. But with the make-up my skin is too dry. But, as I use the cc cream most of the time anyway, I am really happy with the anti-aging serum. I would say, it is my favourite product.


I just LOVE the smell of Intensive Night Recovery. And I like the consistency. At first I thought it was too oily, but it goes really well and fast into the skin and makes the skin smooth and well hydrated. I used to be really lazy when it came to using cream in the evening. But since I have this product, I use it every night before going to bed. So, that says a lot.


Loving the spa products...flower peel is my favorite...my skin feels tighter and renewed.. I use the gentle cleanser every morning and night which takes my makeup off but leaves my skin feeling amazing. And the anti aging serum had definitely reduced fine lines for me. I would never buy another skin care range...and the great thing about them is there are all chemical free.


I have now being using Spa Technologies for a couple of years and i have really noticed a change in my skin, pores so much smaller and a much better even tone. My regime is the gentle facial cleasner, followed by the flower peel- amazing stuff. Then i use anti aging serum, this gives a great base for make up ( and finer lines too). Night i use intense recovery, keeping my skin hydrated. Advice is always very supportive to my needs- it's not just buying products -you are getting valuable advice from Anne and Chantal if your skin has a 'break out' and they offer the appropriate remedy! Brilliant all round! Good value for money!


I bought Spa Technology products for my wife. Her comments are they are wonderful products and I have noticed the improvement in my complexion and now will only use these products. My favourites are Sea Cleanse , Vitamin C Serum, Intensive night recovery, Skin Firming and Eye Serum. I would recommend them to anybody who has very delicate skin. Many others I have tried have brought me out in a rash.


I started using this range more than 1 year ago and I am addicted to it. I refuse to use anything else on my skin. My favourite is the Flower Peel which I can't live without.