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  • 0207 (Display number) 0207 118 0808
29th Floor, One Canada Square
Canary Wharf
London E14 5DY United Kingdom

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Ivory Research Ltd is a London-based Company registered in England and Wales (5631948). We offer premium custom writing services and our overall mission is to offer the highest quality academic assistance in the industry. When you order with us, you are guaranteed to receive a first class customer service together with top quality work. We aim for 100% Customer Satisfaction.

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我的英文不是很好,当时有三个项目需要加急做出来,我们不得不选择外包部分调查内容而且只给24小时必须给结果。Ivory Research的人接了项目并在12个小时内就完成了近乎不可能完成的任务, 用时缩短一半,质量保持着高水准,非常感谢他们优质的服务

- by Insta Research Ltd

At that time there are three projects need to do an emergency, we have to choose to outsource part of the investigation and 24 hours must be the results. Ivory Research took the project and completed a nearly impossible task within 12 hours, shortened the time by half, maintained a high level of quality, and thanked them for their excellent service

- by Insta Research Ltd

IVORY RESEARCH helps to modify my academic papers, and they are doing great. Was close to the deadline of the paper, and can not extend the delivery. There are too many jobs to deal with, mainly SPSS and data analysis, my main survey project has no substantive results, which will lead to my paper without too much substantive content support. Desperate I sought the help of IVORY RESEARCH, and they suggested that I start another example of the stove as a content support to refine the issues involved. They also helped me to fix the content to make it more reasonable, modify the hypothetical rhetoric, and solve some contradictory content. The results are great


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