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As a company who claim to be "renowned for outstanding collections" I had high hopes when ordering 4 of the Florentine tie backs. When the order arrived I immediately thought I had been sent the wrong product. Pictured online are beautiful tie backs with a stunning, rustic brass looking decorative ball. What I received looked like cheap plastic, in a different shape and painted in a bright, brash gold.I spoke with the salesperson at JustPoles who I bought them from and he was very helpful and cooperative. But as a third party seller, he can only sell what he is supplied.However, when I contacted Jones interiors to ask if it would be possible to exchange them for tie backs that match the images they use to advertise the product online -I was not complaining or asking for a refund, I simply wanted a better quality version of what I had received as that's what they advertise- I was met with a very unhelpful and evasive attitude. The blame was constantly being shifted back to JustPoles who really aren't to blame as they only sell what Jones interiors send them.After almost 24 hours of emails from Yvonne at Jones interiors trying to fob me off and avoid answering my question, I was finally told that the cheap looking tat I had received was in fact what they sell.The rope itself is nice enough, its just a shame, however, that they attach this tasteless piece of plastic to it.Yvonne's customer service skills -if you can call it that- are less than satisfactory