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K9 Matters Dog Training

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Awful awful puppy classes- we only attended 2 out of 8 and that was only because we had to pay up front! The people had no time for you, told you you are doing everything wrong and don't help you put it right and just roll their eyes if your puppy doesn't do what you have asked it to do! Useless and even the dogs didn't like him and didn't want to go to him- which speaks volumes!!


These guys at k9matters are truly amazing. they have so much understanding, knowledge and pasion for the dogs. i started attending there classes as i couldn't walk my dog without being pulled over. However, now we can walk down the road passing cars, children and others dogs and we have no problem. This is all down to k9 matters and of cause hard work from me. The key is if you put the time in you will get the results. if you want help call k9 matters !