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About us

Lasermet are world renowned leaders in the laser safety industry, having been instrumental in the development of internationally recognised laser safety standards IEC/EN 60825 for many years. We are a privately owned ISO 9001 registered company, based in the south of England.

Lasermet provide laser safety solutions for many institutions including laboratories, hospitals, clinics, manufacturing, facilities, universities etc. Our extensive range of laser safety eyewear is the largest available in Europe. The Laser safety product range includes laser viewing windows, certified laser blocking curtains, screens and roller blinds, laser safety interlocks, MPE and AEL laser safety calculation software and laser warning signs.

Lasermet’s services including advice, training, laser system classification, risk assessment and FDA registration are fast increasing in demand by a number of companies.

The ICS-6 "ELISe" (Expandable Laser Interlock System 'e') is designed to achieve EN ISO 13849-1 PLe.  It is similar to the ICS-5 which is our most popular Laser Interlock Control System (designed and manufactured by Lasermet) but the expandable has one of its options, remote locking.

The ICS-6 “ELISe” Expandable Laser Interlock System is a compact and versatile unit with the ability to…

• Control laser interlocks, door locks, illuminated warning signs and other equipment.
• Operate beam shutters and the laser power with feedback monitoring and fault detection
•  It can be interfaced to Access Control and Fire Detection Systems
•  Fitted with an override for controlled access through interlocked doors while also accepting emergency stop inputs.
•  Provides the highest levels of safety and functionality.
•  Full start to end dual channel architecture and fault detection to meet the latest standards.
•  A simple easy to use control panel giving the ability to be wired directly to 4 interlocks or groups of interlocks.

Laser Safety Equipment (In particular for GP, Dental, and Laser Clinics)
We stock one of the largest ranges of laser googles in Europe. We also design, manufacture and install laser safety cabins (as active laser guarding cabins or passive laser safety enclosures). We also manufacture certified laser blocking curtains, screens and roller blinds.

Medical Laser Safety
As well equipped experts in medical laser safety we provide a wide range of safety equipment for operating theatres in which lasers are used and also offer laser safety training classes tailored to suit the needs of theatre staff

Intense Pulsed Light Safety
Offering a full range of IPL safety products, Lasernet Ltd are closely involved in the development of a safety standard for the optical safety of IPL systems therefore able to offer the appropriate equipment and expert advice. In addition our LPA (Laser Protection Advisor) and EMP (Expert Medical Practitioner) support work is becoming more and more popular with IPL clinics who are seeking Healthcare Commission registration and to those already registered.

Laser Safety provide certified laser blocking curtains for Class 4 and Class 3B lasers for Hospital and Medical Environments, Clean Rooms, Universities, Laboratories and Research Establishments.

These include Portable Laser blocking screens, LaserLightScreen, Flatfoot Laser Blocking Screens, Standard Laser-Blocking Screens, Heavy-Duty Laser Blocking Screens and Custom designed laser blocking screens.

Roller Blinds
Protection from your Employees and Third Parties from Stray Laser Radiation. These include the Encapsulated Laser Blocking Roller Blind and the Standard Laser Blocking Roller Blinds.

Laser Power and energy meters
Lasermet ADM – 1000 Advanced Laser Power Meter with PC Interface, Advanced Digital Meter ADM -1000, Detector Heads and Carry Case.

LED laser warning signs
Low Voltage LED Room Information Signs including ‘Room in use’ LED Signs, ‘Lab in use’ LED Signs, ‘Occupied’ LED Signs, ‘Do Not Enter’ LED Signs and ‘No Entry’ LED Signs.

Laser warning signs
Illuminated Laser Warning Signs including Low voltage “Ultra” Laser Warning Signs, Low Voltage 2Mini” LED Signs and Mains Powered Fluorescent Signs.

For a full list of functions, specifications and brochures please see our website


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Lasermet Ltd

Thank you for the excellent customer support! From contact first thing on Tuesday morning, response from yourself the same day, delivery of new panel yesterday and installation by Danny today it has been a good experience, very professional. Will definitely recommend you to others based on this after care if nothing else. Thanks again. Paul


Lasermet Ltd

Dear Lasermet, You have just installed 4 laser interlock systems at our York premises and I would just like to say thank you for a job well done. The lads have done a cracking high quality job and were a pleasure to have around. Again many thanks.


Lasermet Ltd

David, Thank you for the reply. Kevin has indeed sent me all the relevant information (including pictures – which is always extremely useful) and I now have both your and his e-mail addresses. We don’t often order laser goggles, it’s always nice to know who you’re dealing with. I’d also like to say thank you for such a speedy and efficient service. As you can imagine workloads take over and things can get missed if not dealt with straight away, so to get answers to my questions straight away both on the phone and via e-mail is a refreshing change (not all companies I deal with are so organised). Kind regards Jo


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