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LinkThru is the latest product and data services innovation from Cistermiser Ltd, providing public sector and private sector commercial clients with peace of mind when it comes to accurately monitoring water temperatures and flow events throughout their buildings.  There is an urgent need to protect both staff and visitors alike from the dangers of Legionnaire's disease, which can be contracted if water systems are not stringently monitored and water quality issues are not identified and rigorously addressed at all times.

Helping building owners to achieve compliance with HSG274, LinkThru provides cost-effective real-time data capture, analysis, alarms, notifications and reporting services.  LinkThru TMUs (Temperature Monitoring Units) are affixed to a water system pipework at sentinel points throughout a building and data readings are taken every 10 seconds on a 24/7 basis and logged on a secure IoT cloud-based portal.

TMU hardware can be purchased directly from Cistermiser Ltd, together with subscription-based access to personalised online LinkThru management data which can be viewed on a PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet for ease of use.

We as a company offer building owners, facilities managers, building services engineers and maintenance professionals high quality solutions that address legislative requirements, are simple to use and monitor, provide accurate data at all times, identify potential problems, remove the reliance on manual water temperature readings and are cost-effective.  We strive to meet business needs for companies all over the country, including establishments such as commercial and retail enterprises, higher education estates, hospitals and care facilities.

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We have started to roll out this technology with tremendous results and we look forward to installing this system into more client sites. We use LinkThru TMU due to the quality of the information it gives and the improved efficiencies this leads to, not only to monitor temperatures but also show the water system is being flushed. The ease of installation and level of information this gives to our clients is excellent. Also the ability to move the units around to different parts of the water system is an advantage.


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