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Telford Shropshire TF1 7FR United Kingdom

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About us

Our manufacturing plant based in Telford consists of 18,000 sq meters and employs around 200 people. We operate an extensive OEM moulding shop with equipment to satisfy customer requirements with machines ranging from 20T to 450T.

We have the facilities, design engineers and experience to develop your product. We can arrange tool development, Specialised production equipment, and the packaging, that will take your product to the market place.

Maxell offers a 'one stop solution'

Precision Injection Moulding:

Maxell has a wide range of computer controlled precision injection moulding machines served by automatic material feed systems, high speed 3-axis CNC robots and downstream automatic assembly machinery. Products moulded in the Telford plant are very high quality, precision parts that have very close dimensional tolerances, achieved by using high precision moulding dies. It has always been Maxell policy to automate as much of the production process as possible. Using the latest in high speed robotic technology, shorter cycle times can be achieved typically reducing take out time to under 1 second. This achieves optimum productivity and means we can offer very competitive price's to our customers.

Much of the automated machinery used in the Telford plant has been designed and built by Maxell’s skilled engineering team. As well as the resulting lower capital expenditure that this in-house service provides, a great deal of time is saved in the development and installation of machinery. Projects can be started very rapidly because no time is wasted waiting for external suppliers and engineering contract companies

Engineering Moulding:

Maxell has experience in using Engineering Plastics to produce parts such as plastic springs, drive hubs for audio and videocassettes and other small functional parts. These can weigh less than 1 gram, or as much as 1.2 kg, and have to be very strong and hardwearing. Our quality guarantee is Maxell’s commitment for these plastic parts, for this reason we often use vision system checks and routine quality checks, in order to satisfy the customer requirement for 100% good parts.

Two Colour Moulding:

Maxell has a range of Two Colour Injection Moulding Machines. These machines can produce parts with two different colours of the same material or two completely different materials in one cycle. This could eliminate the need for downstream assembling, or could be used to achieve different cosmetic or visual effects.

Our colour machines use a CORE BACK SYSTEM, which is operated by a hydraulic cylinder inside the moulding die. Using this method achieves easy maintenance of the moulding die and a faster cycle time to reduce production costs.

Insert Moulding:

We are able to use our in-house Engineering Design team and Production Engineering team to rapidly build robotic machinery to pick and place metal inserts into the mould die in preparation for over moulding. By using robots we are able to achieve high productivity rates and accuracy. All of which means we are able to be very competitive in the market place.


For more than 23 years Maxell Europe Ltd has been using and offering pad printing and silk screen printing to our customers.

Pad Printing:

Using a soft silicone rubber pad, ink images can be transferred from a photo-etched plate onto your required part* simply by pressing the pad against the product that is to be imprinted.

Plastics, Composites, Metal, Glass Textured or Smooth Round or Flat

This type of printing is simple, yet ideal for products that are contoured or difficult to access. The pad can wrap itself around the product up to 180˚ with excellent ink coverage. This is a single colour process however ink registration is superb allowing the possibility of multi-colour printing process.

Printing is to a high standard, whether for branding or instructions. Hardened inks are extremely durable and are suitable for heavy use; as required for mobile telephones and automotive controls.

Silk Screen Printing:

By creating the screen in-house, this enables quick, efficient options to even the most demanding customer lead time requirements. By using a rubber blade (squeegee) ink is spread evenly across the screen passing through the open spaces (pattern of your design) onto the product surface below. Once printed the ink, is allowed to dry and if necessary additional colours (max 4) can be used to exhibit the full printing potential.

Clean Room Facilities:

Our Clean Room facilities developed for our own optical products and more recent medical contracts are perfect for the clean room needs of your products.

Maxell Europe Ltd with our vast resources and experience can ensure, your new or tried and tested product successfully moves from conception to distribution. Maxell Europe Ltd can offer you In House Design and Product Development, Injection Moulding, Product Manufacture, Sub-Assembly, and Packaging, in Clean Room environments.

Our extensive skill base offers sub-assembly for even the smallest of parts and with our experience of using our clean room facilities for minute microscopic sub-assembly within the medical field, we are ideally positioned to offer this operation to meet your requirements. Specialising in Medical, Multimedia and Food areas, Maxell can offer you all of the above in a clean room environment up to class 7 to ensure the integrity and quality of your product

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