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We have a motorhome with 374000ks on the clock, yes, 374000 kLast year the aircon was pulling all the power from the engine making driving dangerous as you switched it on whist doing a 100kph and you would struggle to get to 40kph with the aircon on.Mercedes who made the van and aircon where at a loss as to the problem except to say they thought the compressor was a bit noisy, but as the van was Oz made they appeared very reluctant to solve the issueUp step Motorclimate ukProblem explained to them, van dropped off.Head scratching now started, they sorted it, they had the van for a number of weeks getting to the problem, as it was one that even with their knowledge and expertise had them head scratching, however, to them it was a challenge that would not defeat them out of sheer pride!!!!!.We picked the van up yesterday, all sorted with a highly reasonable bill.We are unable to sing their praises loudly enough.They care about what they do!!!!!!!We can not recommend them highly enough.Thank you!!!!!