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Multipanel offers a variety of affordable solutions to any of your home’s surfaces. These products are manufactured from PVC and acrylic and are extremely durable and practical in a variety of applications. If you need to install flooring in your home or in a commercial space, our company has two great choices: Stick Lock Flooring Panels and Tiles and Click Lock Flooring Panels and Tiles. Both of these are suitable for any floor surface and look exactly like real wood or real tile once they have been installed, but without the cost.
Aside from flooring, Multipanel also offers countertops in hydrostone and laminate, wall cladding and ceiling panels and a variety of bathroom panels – Megapanel Hollow Cladding, Tile Effect Waterproof Panels and Wet Wall Panels. These products are all extremely simple to work with an install and look like their more expensive counterparts, but without the costly price tag. The next time you need to install a surface solution product, consider Multipanel’s range of exciting products!

Hygienic Wall Cladding
Hygienic Wall Cladding: A Long-term Solution For Domestic and Commercial Wall Applications written by: Michelle P Hygienic wall cladding is an alternative to tiles and paint that provides a hygienic, long-term solution for your walls. This PVC wall cladding offers simple installation from ceiling to floor, and is a durable product that comes with a watertight feature to protect it from any damage. This form of wall cladding is not only hygienic and durable, it is decorative and offers different colour options, including white, 4 pastel colours, and 12 vibrant colours. Colour availability depends on thickness and sheet size.

Cleanpanels are the most appropriate wall cladding for surfaces more than 2400mm high, and are double sided panels (3050 x 1220mm) that are only 3mm thick. Manufactured according to BS EN 438 standards, clean panels come with a class 1 flame fire rating and a 10 year warranty. Hygienic wall cladding is an ideal long-term, low maintenance solution. It is easy to clean and can be inserted around fittings and fixtures, which makes grout unnecessary and reduces the chance of contamination. Our wall cladding is ideal for both domestic and commercial settings.

Hollow Cladding Panels
Hollow cladding panels can provide the look of marble or quartz to your bathroom without the expense that you would have to encounter in using the actual materials. These panels are waterproof and are produced from firm PVC. There are six unique designs available which can be easily installed using a tongue and groove joint, making the process extremely fast.
One of the best features of hollow cladding panels is that they are moisture resistant and offer a class 1 fire rating. You can choose from six exciting colours, including sunlit quartz, snow drift, roman marble, moonlit quartz, byzantine marble and obsidian marble. Once the product has been installed, no one will be able to tell that it is not the real deal. The panels are durable, can be installed in just one day and are easy to fit into place. The panels fit together and leave no airspace so the end result is that they look like one solid piece of material.

Ceiling Planks
Ceiling planks are a simple solution to finishing the ceiling in any room. This product is extremely easy to install and is manufactured from 8mm PVC. The product features a decorative face in a few different styles, including white sparkle gloss finish, white matt, white gloss, pergamon marble gloss finish, grey marble gloss finish and white ash matt finish. The product is also available in a variety of profiles, 2.7 mm long in silver or white.
Aside from their effortless installation, ceiling planks are extremely easy to clean with a mild detergent and warm water. This is refreshing, because it is certainly something that you could never do with a typical standard ceiling made of stucco or drywall. These panels are durable, clean, and bright and make any room look larger because of the reflection of light. The product is class 1 fire rated and the variety of styles are available in packages of four panels.

Wet Wall Panels
Multipanel wet wall panels are a great way to provide a clean and hygienic look to your bathroom. This material is available in 32 exciting styles ranging from the stone look to sparkles. If you are looking for something different, the option of a gloss finish or a textured look are also available. Wet wall panels can be installed on a wide range of surfaces or directly onto a wall surface. Each joint is sealed with a special silicone sealant that creates a watertight wall to protect against leaks.
What about those unfinished edges? End caps can be extremely unattractive, so we provide unique PVC edging that looks fantastic with this product. This product is available in a range of styles that are quick and easy to install. The panels themselves are bonded together using a high pressure laminate and decorative face and can be configured in any size you require. The wall panel kit includes a two part shower tray and bath sealing system with high performance white silicone.

Tile Effect Panels
Most people love the look of tile but really cannot be bothered with the mixing and application of grout. The perfect solution to this problem is to install Multipanel Tile Effect panels that have the same look as regular tiles, but without the labour intensive installation process. These waterproof panels are manufactured with two separate grout line designs and are guaranteed to have a mould free exterior.
The square tile version of this product is available on double faced panels that are matte on one side and glossy on the other. The bevelled tile is available on a singular sided panel and comes in a 30 x 20 rectangle shape. These tile effect panels are available in kits or in individual tiles and are completely waterproof. You can even install these panels directly over existing tiles! These tiles are 3mm thick and are available in three realistic styles as well as in embossed or bevelled textures.

Laminate Vanity Tops
Great Selection of Laminate Vanity Tops For An Elegant Bathroom Design written by: Michelle P We have a vast selection of elegant, high quality laminate vanity tops on offer. The wonderful colour styles available include antique marble, black ice, frost white, red pearl, platinum wave and plenty more. Along with the choice of 27 complementary finishes, you will be able to pick a design that works best for the amazing bathroom suite you have in mind.

Our laminate vanity tops can be put to great use to form elegant vanity and shelving units. They feature a rolled front edge that provides the luxurious touch to any bathroom suite, and an edging service is also available. The tops are sturdy and practical, made from 25 mm moisture resistant MDF. They are bonded at their face with post-formable laminate, and at their rear with a white balancing laminate. You can get the laminate vanity tops cut to any size or made to a greater depth than the standard 380mm, which allows you to select a custom design for your ideal bathroom.

Stone Vanity Tops
Stone vanity tops provide a superior choice for the bathroom, in terms of both their excellent quality and stunning appearance. Hydro stone is made from a solid altered acrylic that produces top quality, solid vanity tops with an excellent finish. They are highly functional surfaces and are superior in strength to laminate or wood tops. Stone surfaces are commonly used for back-to-wall vanity units and feature shelving.

There are five vivid stone colour styles available for you to choose from, including cracknel, honey, ice, liquorice and toffee styles. Our stone tops have a 25mm depth and finished edges with a 3mm radius. Another fantastic benefit of our stone surfaces is that if there is any scratching, it can be easily sanded out to get it back to its elegant finish. Stone vanity tops are not only durable, they also are sure to provide a sophisticated and lovely look to your modern bathroom.

Click Lock Flooring Panels
Click lock flooring panels are the perfect solution for flooring, whether it is for household or commercial use. These panels snap together with a unique “easy click” locking profile for simple and fast installation. There is no need for glue so there is no extra mess during installation. Once installed, the flooring is waterproof and is extremely durable, featuring a layer of ceramic beads which protect against wear. The edges of the flooring panels are bevelled and feature a perfect embossing which gives the panels a realistic wood look.
If you have been seeking the perfect solution for flooring in your home, consider click lock flooring panels, they are quick to install with simple layout and assembly. Each flooring package comes in a package containing 8 pieces. The flooring itself is available in ten colour choices, five of those styles are a tile look while the other five are a wood plank look. The flooring is slip resistant and provides an ideal surface for any location.

Stick Lock Flooring Panels
Tired of your existing flooring but worried that you can’t afford an alternative? The perfect solution is Stick Lock Flooring Panels. These flooring panels are manufactured from 3.8 mm vinyl so they are extremely durable and slip resistant. Whether you want to install these tiles in your home or at your business, they are an affordable and attractive solution that will last for several decades of foot traffic.
The installation process for Stick Lock Flooring Panels is extremely simple so that anyone successfully install the product. The panels are simple to cut to size and install without any extra adhesive product. It is recommended that once the floor is installed that you maintain it with a Stick Lock Homecare Kit to ensure that the flooring retains that “new” look for as long as possible. The kit includes a special cleaner and polish especially for this flooring, repair tape and a small seam roller that flattens edges into place.

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