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MP House
Sheffield Road
Sheffield South Yorkshire S9 2YL United Kingdom

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About us

Water Tanks & Services Ltd are leading water tank refurbishment and replacement specialists offering a range of tank cleaning and lining services as well as water tank chlorination and risk assessments.

Located in Sheffield, Water Tanks and Services offer free water tank survey’s and reports for many clients throughout the UK.  We have many years experience in the maintenance and refurbishment of water tanks and to date have refurbished and maintained hundreds of thousands of water tanks from schools and council buildings.

Our services include;

Tank lining – Both domestic and commercial properties have tanks that store water, many of these tanks can be in place for numerous of years. Over a period of time the lining of the tank can erode and contaminate the water. This is the time when your water storage tank needs to be refurbished or may even need to be replaced. Our ranges of flexible polypropylene tank linings are an affordable way to refurbish your existing tank without the expense of having a new tank installed. A new tank lining will get your water storage tank looking as good as new. It’s a particularly effective lining system which is very quick to install, a typical cold water storage tank can be refurbished in less than 4 hours by using this system.

Legionella assessments – With all water storage you need to have regular assessments to see if the water you are storing is free from diseases such as legionnaire’s disease. We provide a simple tank survey, performed by a team of skilled tank specialists that will show if the tank is up to scratch.

Storage tanks – Water Tanks & Services have a wide selection of chemical and water storage tanks from sectional tanks to both large and small tanks. As we know storing water can be an important process as contaminated water can bring with it disease. Therefore it’s essential that chemical and water storage tanks are kept in top condition and the tank linings are replaced when they begin to wear.

Chlorination – Many large storage tanks such as swimming pools are treated with chemicals to keep the water clean and prevent from developing bacteria. We ensure that water systems are pumped with chlorine by way of Tank Gravity Feed or Direct Injection. Chlorination is carried out with Chlorine Dioxide or Sodium Hypochlorite. On completion of the chlorination, the chlorinated water is neutralised and pumped to drain.

Water testing & sampling – Testing your water for harmful bacteria such as legionella and e-coli is vital to health and safety. With varied analytical services available, you can either bring the samples to us or our team can obtain the samples. Our testing services include accurate reports and results.

Water tank insulation – Cold water storage tanks can benefit from our insulation service, no matter the tank size, as well as the supply of necessary accessories such as foil tapes and glues.

Epoxy tank coating – We have plentiful expertise in applying epoxy tank coatings, whether it’s for smaller tanks or larger reservoir tanks. We can, and have, offer high quality grit blasting and epoxy coating for various kinds of tanks such as water tanks, fuel tanks and sprinkler tanks.

Water tank lids – We’ve been manufacturing water tank covers and lids for a long time. We offer our customers an enhanced alternative to GRP, Rigid Polypropylene, that offers durability and long-lasting properties that adhere to health and safety guidelines.

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