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I have a terrible experience with this company!The customer service is truly apalling! I have been trying to get a refund since January, for an order I placed but could not claim due to a naming mistake. After a lot of emails, most of them unreplied, and several calls, I've been rudely told by the manager "If you had of put your name correctly on your order you would have had no problems", that my reviewing their services has undermined my claim, and when I called was informed by an employee that they have been told they are not to speak with me on the phone!I find this treatment childlish and completely unprofessional, not to mention outright insulting. I feel I am being punished and practicaly robbed, since I have paid £78 for nothing. The company has my money, and I do not have their products. Reading other reviews on the internet, it seems other people have had similar problems, having to face uncooperative and rude behaviour.I would advise anyone to refrain from using this company. If something goes wrong with your order or delivery, you run the risk of loosing your money and being treated like a thug!