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The customer service is absolutely terrible at Novelties Galore Ltd. Their website doesn't have the correct details for some of the products they sale to you ON-LINE.They claimed to have a security service on their site which is meant to pop up when you make an online purchase but this service did not exists when I tried to order products from their on-line store, hence why I had to call them up and when I explained this to them over the phone they were adamant that the pop-up did occur when I tried to make my purchase on their online store- how bizarre they not only have a website full of errors but they are also the fly on the wall in your home). How rude!As I needed the products a sap I signed up to the payment secure company (after researching it), which would appear at the last stages of my payment process in the form of a pop-up security box (which doesn't make sense as they told me that this secure software should have appeared during my first attempt). Novelties galore claimed that all their payment processes had to go through this secure software to be successful. I later found this to be another lie as when I made my second attempt to purchase the products the security confirmation pop-up still didn't appear (even after I signed up to it) like they said it would, and yet still my purchase was accepted and they took my payment. So in essence I did not need to waste my time or money calling novelties galore, researching this security company or signing up with them.I was very unhappy about this so I called the company up, they were unapologetic about it. Novelties Galore Ltd made many mistakes and kept on changing their minds about the so called “facts" of purchase/security and transactions of their company.Once I bought the products and Novelties Galore Ltd got my money they were extremely rude when I called them up about faulty products I received. I felt physically sick about the whole situation and had wished I never supported them any of my £240.