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Novograf Brand Realization

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10 Langlands Place, Kelvin South, East Kilbride, Glasgow, G75 0YF, United Kingdom

Novograf is a Brand Realization company which manufactures surface solutions and installs national rollouts of ‘look & feel’ for Stores, QSRs, Banks and Hotels throughout the UK - in essence, we turn design vision into a roll-out reality. We think differently - a good example of that is the fact that all of us own the company together. We have Employee Directors on both the Trust and the Company Boards and because everyone you deal with owns the company, we all ‘go that extra mile’ to make sure you’re happy.

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It’s basically about having a can-do attitude, something I think Novograf are very good at. It’s why I don’t think twice about picking up the phone to speak to them – always a positive response


Novograf are very pro-active in the way they manage work. Good communicators and keep us in the loop on progress.


Definitely a partnership with Novograf as they help us on design to save money later.""We always go to them first as they always have ideas which inform our thinking.


The Novograf Team have created various product iterations based on our specifications so you quickly become partners, working on designs, to-ing and fro-ing ideas.


We’re always impatient as turnaround times are very important – Novograf are quick. Also Novograf installation is quick and this speeds the whole process up


Any issues they sort them out. They are very pro-active and take a real pride in getting things right.They make a huge difference to us, making our jobs a lot easier. I think we’re their biggest fans.