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This interpretation company is to be avoided at all costs. Working for them as a freelance interpreter has been a nightmare. Not only are jobs sent that are no where near the home address, meaning that transport costs eat up much of the low hourly rate, but the company then refuses to pay for services rendered. Management is either dishonest or incompetent.


We had a very successful experience using Pearl Linguistics’ translation service recently. We had a leaflet translated into Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Portuguese and Polish. The leaflets all arrived by .pdf very promptly and the service was excellent. When we used the leaflets at a community event they were really successful. It really helped us welcome people to provide leaflets in their home language and several people commented on the leaflets on their feedback cards.


I was working for them as an interpreter for few months. Don't work for them if you don't want to work for free. Disgusting company the worst ever!