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PHAB stands for Performance in Hair and Beauty; it’s a system for recognising great customer service and business performance, to help customers find the best salon professionals and businesses, and help employers to identify the best recruits for their business.
Every industry has a standard. Restaurants have Michelin ratings and hotels have AA or RAC stars. We think it’s time salon professionals had their own INTERNATIONAL STANDARD too!
Stylists, colourists, barbers, therapists and nail technicians all demonstrate excellent levels of performance day in, day out in a highly creative, customer-facing industry. Many are way better than just average, but to date, there’s never been a way of proving this to prospective customers, employers or simply themselves.
Well that’s all changed now, courtesy of PHAB – the industry standard that stylists, colourists, barbers, beauty therapists and nail technicians alike have been waiting for!
For salon professionals PHAB standards are achievable at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. They are awarded by measuring a combination of customer count, repeat customer visits and retail sales. The thinking here is that by providing outstanding professional services, great customer care and recommending the correct home care, clients return time and again, which proves the level of excellence of either an individual salon professional or a business.
Being equipped with a PHAB standard is a great way of evidencing professionalism – very helpful for customers choosing a new salon, spa, barbershop, nail-bar or salon expert and a great aid to owners recruiting new staff.
PHAB Standard offers the following services:
UK & ROI only:
PHAB Standard for hair, beauty, nail & barbering professionals and PHAB Standard for hair salons, beauty salons, nail bars, hair & beauty salons, spas and barbershops
Skilled salon professionals have long sought industry standards, which prove their capability, customer service skills and professional performance. A recognised standard they can be proud of promoting to colleagues and clients alike.
PHAB standards give your customers:

  • Guidance for choosing the best salon professionals and hair, beauty and nail businesses
PHAB standards give salon owners:
  • Guidance for recruiting new professionals
  • A FREE performance reviewing tool to use on the PHAB website
  • A formal process to recognise professional talent and productive team players
PHAB standards give salon professionals:
  • Elevated status and a measurable benchmark for career progression
Available worldwide:
PHAB Professionalism & Customer Service Exams for hairdressers, beauty therapists, nail technicians, barbers & salon/spa receptionists
The PHAB Professionalism Customer Service Exams (PPCSEs) are the only exams specifically designed for, and by, the hair, beauty and nail industries, creating an excellent and affordable benchmarking and management tool, with instant results. For salon professionals, they test and prove competence in customer service, chair/couch-side etiquette, professionalism, selling ability, the ability to increase repeat business and the ability to market their own columns. For managers, they provide clear insight into areas of underperformance and why these are happening, allowing speedy intervention. For hair, beauty and nail college tutors, PPCSEs present, for the first time, a practical tool to prepare students for the commercial realities of Salon life. PHAB offer 6 different PPCSEs, each designed for a specific industry sector, including: hairdressers, colourists, beauty therapists, nail technicians and barbers.
PHAB Salon Toolkit training video episodes library for managers
The PHAB Salon Toolkit is a business tool designed for salon, spa and barbershop managers to initiate discussions within staff meetings or at individual reviews with a view to raising performance and service standards in their business. For managers, the toolkit is a library of online training soundbites, to help professionalise the team and boost profits. For college tutors, the toolkit is a selection of short real-life online tutorials, on what is expected of students when they arrive in a workplace. The toolkit allows users to pick from the library of practical, common sense, advisory video episodes which are perfect for team meetings, performance review appraisals, training sessions, college tutorials, discussion groups, brainstorming sessions and more.

PHAB Business Helpline for hair & beauty managers
The PHAB Business Helpline is a private one to one telephone, Skype or Facetime consultation with renowened business guru, Nergish Wadia-Austin (CEO of PHAB Standard) available in 15-minute units. The resource allows salon owners and managers to access confidential, pragmatic solutions and practical knowledge and can mentor salon owners and managers through career obstacles and business problems.


Articles/Press Releases

  • 19/01/2017 - PHAB Standard Launches Hair & Beauty Management HELPLINE
    Hair and beauty industry expert and CEO of PHAB Standard (Performance in Hair & Beauty), Nergish Wadia-Austin wants to support salon, spa and Barbershop managers to deal with management and professional challenges, by sharing her expertise via private one-to-one telephone, Skype or FaceTime consultations.
  • 13/01/2017 - All about the price increases
    PHAB is the brainchild of industry expert Nergish Wadia-Austin. With 30 years experience in the hair and beauty industries, Nergish is a true expert in everything these professional industries stand for.
  • 10/01/2017 - PHAB Salon Toolkit
    Got a management issue? Find the solution in a video episode of the PHAB Salon Toolkit!
  • 10/01/2017 - Phab standard launch first ever online professionalism & customer service exams
    The phenomenal success and encouraging feedback of the first ten months of PHAB Standard has driven the industry standard to push boundaries even further and launch the first ever online Professionalism & Customer Service Exams (PPCSE).
  • 10/01/2017 - How to incentivise sales
    what works best for salons? How to run a staff sales competition – what are the best ways?
  • 10/01/2017 - PHAB Standard launch Barbering Exams
    The phenomenal success and encouraging feedback that PHAB Standard has received has driven the industry standard to push boundaries further and launch the first ever Barbering Exams.
  • 08/03/2011 - PHAB Standard Ltd proudly announces the first in the series of
    The Good, The PHAB & The Ugly Consultation Workshops

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