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In relation to Pulse Cleaning in Crowborough: We are a local restaurant and depend on a clean environment for our customers. Since signing a contract with Pulse to work a couple of hours each day to keep our restaurant at this standard we've received bad TripAdvisor reviews and numerous comments from some of our regular customers about the poor standard of cleaning. Their cleaners wouldn't show up on some days and the days they did our chef has seen them stay for 10-15 minutes before disappearing again. We've brought the matter up with them in the past with Daniel, our cleaning contract manager, and they said they would sort it and they just went back to their same old ways so we wanted to terminate the contract. We were then told we had to pay them for a further 2 weeks as our contract stated we must give them notice. I brought Daniels attention to the part of the contract that said Pulse should be working to the specification agreed which hasn't been done but they insist we have to cough up for nothing. Embarrassing.