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I purchased a chair for 641.80GBP for my partner. The chair arrived, and it seems it was either completely untested, or inadequately tested (either is unacceptable, given the nature of the product). The following issues were found:1) The chair leaned slightly to the right, this resulted in the chair pulling right constantly2) The wheels had negligible traction, my partner would slide down slopes uncontrollably requiring someone to be behind to ensure she didn't crash at the bottoms of slopes. To further this point, when exiting a train, she didn't need to operate the chair at all, it slid down the ramp - thank goodness she went forwards, not backwards or she'd be in hospital right now!3) The chair build up static within seconds. She was constantly being shocked when someone touched here, or she had to touch railings, elevator buttons, etc4) The chair arrived damaged - the rear coasters were broken, in the box5) The chair is rated for 20km autonomy, however the battery died after one day of usage, approximately 5 miles (8km roughly) - not even half the rated capacity. This was with speed at 3/5 bars, and the chair turned off when not in motion, at a cafe, etc.All in all, this has left my partner scared of the chair - she's been down many a slope, uncontrolled, shocked, then stuck waiting for assistance when the batteries died far too early.Upon returning the chair, which took far too long, the company went completely quiet, not responding for two days instead of issuing a refund upon return - we have had to request a chargeback via our bank.AVOID THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE CLEARLY NOT CAPABLE OF PROVIDING ADEQUATE SERVICE, APPROPRIATELY TESTED PRODUCTS OR TIMELY RESPONSES.


Appalling.Ordered Product AConfirmation of order for Product AInvoice for Product APaid for Product ADelivery notification for Product AProduct K delivered. They don't want to know. 15 e-mails and counting. No telephone support and no meaningful response.Avoid like the plague.


Never deal with this company! I ordered a massage table from them and they sent the wrong colour and delivered it on the wrong day when I had patients in and had to cancel a patient in order to move the package. Customer service was terrible, they were rude, unhelpful and offered no compensation for the mistakes they made. I returned the table and am still awaiting a refund for my money.