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Nice people, terrible service. My 2 boxes arrived from Germany at their Nottingham depot on a Wednesday, due to be delivered the next day. I called them on Friday afternoon to ask about the expected delivery, and they told me they "did not receive instructions to deliver" my boxes on that day. In fact, they did not receive instructions to deliver at all (delivery company or storage unit???). After complaining to my German partner, I learned that they did not deliver simply because the delivery truck did not have "enough space" to load my boxes. When I called them back to complain, they offered to charge in excess of £200 to send another truck to London for my delivery on that Friday. Obviously, I declined the "offer" and arranged for my parcel to be delivered the next Monday before 12pm (I spoke to a very nice lad over the phone...) At 11am on Monday, I decided to call them to make sure "that delivery" would finally take place. I was then told that my 2 boxes (very large btw) had SIMPLY VANISHED. They could not tell in which of their depots the boxes were held. Neither in Nottingham, nor in London, and can't tell if the boxes were ever loaded onto a truck. They could therefore not even tell me when I should expect my boxed to be delivered, if ever. This was the 5th day after receiving my parcel... First experience really disappointing. To be updated...