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Rowlett Rutland Ltd

  • 0137 (Display number) 01372 450855
Nisbets Plc, Access 18
Kings Weston Lane
Avonmouth Bristol BS11 8HT United Kingdom

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About us

Nearly 60 years ago in Surrey, UK, Rowlett Rutland produced its first commercial toaster, Today, the company has grown to become the UK’s premier commercial catering equipment manufacturers and supplier for hotels, restaurants, bars and large food outlets worldwide.
Rowlett Rutland's reputation is built on the hallmarks or craftsmanship, durability and stylish design. Every machine we manufacture is assembled by hand and comes with a generous warranty. This, together with outstanding reliability, means that as commercial catering equipment manufacturers demand for our equipment we can continue to grow from new and existing sources.
In search of perfection, we continuously update our products and use the latest technology and ergonomic design to enable top chefs to serve up delicious food time and time again.

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Latest Reviews

Rowlett Rutland Ltd

27th January 2011. Just a huge thank you for your amazing rapid response. I called yesterday at gone 16.00 hrs. The elements turned up today before 11.00 hrs. Great service and a very friendly lady on the phone. Many thanks again.


Rowlett Rutland Ltd

I have an Esprit Rowlett toaster, 4 slice model (your current model 4ATS-179E Toaster) …distributed by Tablecraft Products here in USA . It is about 7 years old and working well, however, there is a small round metal washer that broke off.Thank you Bob--you're wonderful!! I will never own anything but a Rowlett-Rutland. It's worth it's weight in gold (do they come in gold?!...) Your instant response and help is a true testament to the quality one gets when they invest in a Rowlett-Rutland. Wow---what a beauty! (Photo of Gold Plated Classic Toaster) Possibly our next one-- though I'd be hard pressed to estimate when (or if ever) our true and steady Esprit will need replacing. Maybe I could convince my husband to get me one in 2025 as an upgrade for our 25th anniversary... (ha!)


Rowlett Rutland Ltd

We have just been given one of your 4 slot Rowlett Family Brunch toasters as a present and I was so impressed with it that I thought I would let you know. It is really versatile and easy to use. With a house full of hungry teenagers it has proved to be a godsend. All I have to do is buy a loaf of bread, some ham and some cheese and it keeps them quiet for hours, as well as saving me a fortune in shopping. I would definitely recommend this toaster to my friends.


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