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About us

It is our mission at Safe Planet Towels to bring you the world’s most technically advanced energy efficient Microfibre towels and Cotton Terry towels – both offering you great value and great quality.

Our bespoke Black Microfibre hairdressing/beauty towels are –

  • Dye, bleach, chlorine and ammonia resistant - perfect for hairdressing and beauty salons
  • Absorb up to 5 times more moisture than cotton towels
  • Quick drying so eco-friendly and energy saving
  • Longer life - lasting 300/500 washes
  • Cost effective
  • Snag and fray resistant
  • Lightweight and compact taking up less space
  • Less prone to harbour bacteria
Safe Planet Towels offer the hair and beauty industries the opportunity to dramatically reduce the rising cost of energy bills, while lowering the carbon emissions of the salon through their laundry.

Safe Planet Towels - when only a real towel will do

Safe Planet Microfiber Towels dry 70% faster than a regular cotton towel and with four times the amount of microfiber towels being washed at one time; you save on your energy and water bills.

Buy Safe Planet Towels and keep on saving the purchase price of a product is only part of the story - it's the full-life costs of a product that really count.

We guarantee to save you money on your energy bills or your money back.

Information on Safe Planet Towels

Environmental protection has become one of the biggest issues if not the biggest of modern societies.


Microfiber towels have a unique capillary action that draws water off of your hair and skin more gently than a cotton towel, blot to absorb excess moisture, rather than harsh rubbing.

Microfiber towels are soft, light, absorbent & quick drying, take up much less space in washers and dryers, reducing the use of water, detergent and energy, they allow more towels per wash, on lower temperatures,
with less machine drying, or just hung up to air dry.

All this saves money, time and the planets resources.
  • Bleach, chlorine, dyes, and ammonia resistant - perfect for hairdressing and beauty salons
  • Absorb up to 5 times more moisture than cotton towels
  • Absorb up to 7 times their weight in water.
  • Soft to the touch but VERY DURABLE
  • Snag & fray resistant
  • More towels per wash load
  • Durable - 300/500 washings
  • Hypo-allergenic and lint FREE
  • Lightweight and compact taking up less space
  • Affordable - Don't waste money on disposable products
Are microfiber towels better than cotton towels?

While ‘better’ can be subjective, microfiber towels can definitely hold more water than a cotton towel of equivalent size and microfiber towels tend to be thinner and last far longer than cotton equivalents.

The term "microfiber" is a measure of size, referring to the ultra-fine fibres, less than 1 denier per filament. Compared with other materials, microfibers are three times finer than cotton and twice as fine as silk.
Microfibre towels are great for use on hair and the body as they absorb moisture 5 times faster than normal terry towels.

It’s important that you don’t use fabric softeners! The fabric softener tends to bind to the fibers making them useless. This also includes the dryer sheets. Use any standard detergent provided its overall pH does not exceed 11-. Water temperature should not exceed 90°C (ab. 200°F). Microfiber is quick to dry and can be machine-dried at temperature not exceeding 60°C (ab.140°C; or you can let them air dry naturally. They dry quickly and are less prone than cotton towels to become stale if not dried immediately.
Cotton Evolution Terry Towels

Whilst Cotton Evolution towels are the best terry towel on the market they are not resistant to the harsh chemicals found in the hair dressing salon, but they are ideal for beauty and spa treatments.

Evolution towels Cotton towels are an innovative product designed to help reduce towel-laundering costs.
Specially constructed, it has been developed to make the towel exceptionally durable whilst retaining its luxurious feel that the client will really appreciate.

  • Quick drying- 40% faster than cotton towels so eco friendly and energy saving
  • Long lasting – more than double the life of cotton towels
  • Snag resistant
  • No shrinkage or loss of shape
  • Fit more units per wash load so less wash loads needed

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