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I purchased a mini post frameless glass system balustrade and their composite decking to renovate my old all-wood deck. The glass balustrade is great; it appears to be self-cleaning as in 1 year I have never had to wash or even wipe it. The mini posts have retained their immaculate appearance despite my location close to the sea. Very good product. However the composite decking is now a nightmare, as shrinkage has set in. On a warm day the gaps are up to 1cm, on a cold day they can be 1.5cm. When telling Elite of this problem, I received a curt email back telling me that I should not have installed the new composite decking on the top of my old wooden deck. Having spoken to those who know more about decking than I do, I am still mystified how this can cause the massive shrinkage I have experienced. Can anyone explain why this is so? Is it a characteristic of this decking, or was I at fault in laying it above the old wooden deck? Although I spent £6000 with Elite, I do not feel that their response was particularly helpful.