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Steve Cullum's Hog Roast Machines

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1 Limber Road, Kirmington, North Lincolnshire, DN39 6YP, United Kingdom

Steve Cullum’s Hog Roast Machines specialises in providing hog roast machines, accessories and trailers to caterers through the UK, Europe and Asia. Customers are fully supported at all times with a range of services such as cooking with you at your first event. Training you and helping with extensive marketing support to ensure you are successful. Free one day seminars are also available to help with equipment guidance, menu selection, how to win contracts and hint and tips on how to increase your profit margins.

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Hi Steve, Thanks ever so much for inviting me to your Hog Roasts at the weekend. Apart from thoroughly enjoying myself I was impressed with both of the 2 jobs and in particular as you know, I wanted to see your new oven lid in action. I have to say it cooked the potatoes perfectly and I’m certain that this will be my next purchase from Steve Cullum’s Hog Roast Machines! Your service of cooking with clients who have purchased your equipment is really great and I can certainly recommend it to anyone starting up in the industry, particularly for the first time. My first job (on my own) is only a matter of a few weeks away and I am now really confident that it will be a complete success with your help and training and that Scratch Cooking Caterers will be able to deliver a quality hog roast to customers in and around the West Midlands Area. Thanks for your time and advice, nothing short of amazing! Speak soon, John


Hi Steve, I thought I would drop you a line to thank you for inviting me at the weekend to help you do the 2 Hog roasts for your own clients at the golf course’s 20th Anniversary and the 21st Birthday Party at the farm. The experience was nothing short of fantastic! Not only did we do 2 totally different types of jobs but I learned absolutely loads about preparing a pig on a spit and how to score it once inside the machine as well as how to string the legs so nothing could come loose during the cooking process. Once we started cooking together the lift on the crackling and the blistering process was also a wonder to behold and when finished the pig with the head on looked absolutely amazing too. I was also impressed with the ease you have with your golf club client and they seemed to just leave everything to you and I could tell that they had total confidence in your ability to produce an amazing hog roast for 150 guests. I have been to many hog roasts myself but without doubt this was the most professional one I have seen and when we carried the pig into the room on a carving stand, this was very, very impressive. Thank you for also showing me how to carve and it was interesting to see how you comfortably carved 150 plated meals from a 65 kilo pig. The job the next day was as you said it would be - totally different and now cooking in a tray and serving 100+ guests as well as serving Jacket Potatoes with the oven lid was brilliant too. I particularly liked the way you spent your time advising me how to foil the pig and I couldn’t believe you could produce crackling around 1in thick, which by the way was delicious. Mixing the dripping with the cooked stuffing was to die for and everyone was very happy, with many of them coming back 2 or 3 times for more! I think the most important thing was to spend all weekend with you and your advice and time spent together was not only really appreciated, but I now feel totally confident that Crisp Crackling Pigs will be a very professional hog roast company in the Milton Keynes area with your invaluable advice. Thanks again Steve and I will let you know how I get on with my next few jobs. Absolutely Brilliant! Thanks again, I’ll be in touch…David


I was a Chef in the RAF for 25 years, with extensive catering experience. I was Regiment Chef for 3 Squadron based in Northern Ireland and I was regularly used to feeding between 150 and 300 personnel on a daily basis. When I was stationed in The Gulf I was part of a very busy catering team and we often fed up to 1700 people at every meal during the course of each day. On Air Days it wasn’t unusual to feed up to 2000 people per day. With this vast experience I was always keen to offer catering once I left the RAF and I was recommended to Steve and his team through my funding team up here in Saltburn. Steve helped me prepare cash flow forecasts and breakdown costs of various Hog Roast functions and with his extensive support, I was able to raise the necessary finance by providing a business plan of strength and depth. Steve also offered the service of cooking with me at the busy street market in Saltburn and he came across on 2 occasions and helped prepare the pig, showed me his diamond-scoring tips as well as advice on cooking and carving too. I found this support invaluable in the early days and this has really helped me to establish my business. Since then I have purchased an Elite machine, hog tray, trailer and BBQ plates and I definitely will be purchasing more equipment for this season. I cannot sing Steve’s praises highly enough and if you are starting in the hog roast business for the first time, then make sure that you give him a call. I’m certainly glad I did!


After serving in the Royal Artillery for 22 years from 1990 to 2012 I spent a lot of time researching which business I would start in Civvy Street. During this period I met the lady of my life who lived in Grimsby in Lincolnshire and with me being based in Wiltshire we spent a lot of time travelling to meet each other, often attending various functions and catering events. In my army life one of my roles was the Officers Mess Manager and with this experience I felt certain that I could offer a better service with higher standards than those I personally had experienced.So after extensive research I found Steve Cullum’s Hog Roast Machines and was excited by the quality and extensive range of their equipment and arranged to meet Steve Cullum himself on my next trip to Grimsby. After a detailed meeting and with a view to simply ordering the equipment, I was amazed to find Steve offered a whole variety of business support services too, from the training of on-site cooking and how to use the equipment safely, to a whole spectrum of marketing support services as well. Steve has since designed my new corporate image for me, produced a range of business stationery, as well as providing my van and trailer graphics too. He also arranged through one of his contacts a friend who kindly lent us his luxurious home for the day so we could do a photoshoot showing the benefits of using Hog and Rooster. This resulted in a new corporate brochure and a range of inserts and this has resulted in me winning many high profile hotel contracts. In fact the quickest time I have been awarded a deal from walking in and presenting my brochure to the hotel manager is only 6 minutes! In short I cannot sing Steve’s praises highly enough. The equipment is second to none, I now own 3 Elite Machines and, as before, the back up and support I've received has proven invaluable to me ensuring that my business has not only become well established, but also a successful one too. If you're looking to leave the Armed Forces then I can’t recommend Steve Cullum’s Hog Roast Machines highly enough as they are a superb company to do business with, supported by a very high level of personal service.


We have nothing but praise for Steve and his team, we have only to pick up the phone if we have a query or problem, or just need some advice or a chat and the response is immediate. It is reassuring to know that we have back-up whenever we need it from professional friendly people


From my first contact with Steve Cullum I had a sense that I would be in good hands. Steve provided a one stop shop for me to set up my South African BBQ and hog roast business, from the purchase of equipment to graphic design work and building my website. The service didn’t just stop after I received the goods either, as Steve stuck to his word in providing me with the necessary training and insight into using the equipment safely and by maximising my return on the investment. I would have no problem in recommending Steve Cullum Spit Roast machines, as from what I’ve seen, they are by far a superior product to anything else on the market. The attention to detail and thought that’s gone into the development, not only of the machines, but the trailer, carving stand, rotisserie, hog tray and griddle plates, has really impressed me. I look forward to my next purchase! On a personal note, I have always found Steve and his staff to be friendly, helpful and available, which has meant a lot during the early days of my business. I would have no hesitation in recommending a Steve Cullum Spit Roast machine, or by that matter, Steve Cullum himself