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I ordered a cubicle from them, they deducted £538.80 (actual cost £490.80) and did not refund the difference. They sent confirmed sizes which I said were wrong and apparently continued to make it and apparently attempted to deliver (my CCTV says otherwise) no attempt made!After several conversations to XXXX XXXXX (Sales) they will not issue a refund.I had no other option than small claim process.The firm is an absolute shambles. 1 Star as you do not have the option to rate -Stars.PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! use another company.PSB in reply to your comment,You emailed on 23/08/19 stating that the sizes were wrong and could I reply with the correct ones to allow to make the cubicle. I replied to that on 24/08/19 to cancel the order before you made it!The order was cancelled prior to you making it, No attempt was made to deliver as before CCTV!This is the first written response from you since I cancelled the order. The email text from the last two emails from you on 23/08/19 before I cancelled on 24/08/19.​HI Liam, Please find attached the drawing for your order. As mentioned I already know that this is wrong but its what the automated system has created with the sizes provided. RegardsXXXX (had to delete can not post name)SalesToilet Cubicles OnlineTel: 0161 626 8080Email: sales@toiletcubiclesonline.co.ukWebsite: www.toiletcubiclesonline.co.ukHi Liam, We need to start working on your job today or we wont be able to deliver it next week. Please can you look at the drawing we sent and make any necessary amendments. RegardsXXXX (had to delete can not post name)SalesToilet Cubicles OnlineTel: 0161 626 8080Email: sales@toiletcubiclesonline.co.ukWebsite: www.toiletcubiclesonline.co.ukNot to worry it is in the claim process.