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I’ve had a similar experience to other reviewers (on other sites). Having read the reviews for this company I knew people had had issues but I gave them the benefit of the doubt and ordered anyway. Paid my money via PayPal thinking I would be able to continue with some DIY projects over the coming weekend. But this is when it all started to go badly…After having placed the order online I did not receive any sort of conformation that the order had been placed and paid for (although my account was billed immediately). After ringing them they were able to send this through quickly. The following day came and went, I assumed that I had missed the previous days postal run so gave them another day. After this I rang to ask the status of the order and was informed the item I had ordered (and displayed as in stock on the website) was in fact out of stock. And that it would take a couple of days to arrive. After leaving it a week or so I rang back and was again told that the item was still not in stock and would take another 7-10 days to arrive. This is the point at which I cancelled the order.After cancelling the order I asked how long it would take for the refund to be processed, I was informed that it would be 48-72 hours, I waited the three days and no refund. So contacted them again and was informed that the accounts department would look into this and process the refund as soon as they can.I gave them almost 3 weeks as I was on holiday came back to find that the refund had still not been processed. Contacted them again over a month after cancelling the order, threatening to open a PayPal dispute and they finally refunded the money in a couple of hours.In summary company has poor communication, lack of proper stock control, I cancelled the order and received a refund over a month later. AVOID THIS COMPANY.